~ Returning Gaze ~

The eye is the window to the soul,
Love stares back, not away, passions reciprocate between two and unfolds,
Lovers combine in wonder and spirit, joined in tomorrows play,
Prospering, evolving, making love, they don't fear it,
They draw near to it.

Blowing into each others hearts and minds with fresh flowing passionate winds,
Bodies begin to entwine, mesh, walls fall broken, lips seal the secret whispers with grins,
Mystic muse, joins the two, capturing life force sight, moonlit nights, twinkling's,
Stares reach,
For whom shall return such a stare but one who returns passion?
With transparent sight, spirit, and feelings without ration.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ Magical Winds ~

Spiritual winds dance between the bond as love flows,
The moving sea fills each other's cup between the shores of their souls under moonlit nights,
Hearts blend, yet not too near, time left alone, fantasy and dreams grow to become clear,
The attraction founded by destiny, time under sparkling stars and mist, a first kiss,
To depths only the sweet smell of mother nature knows,
When love finds the other soul, it moves close but travels slow,
The four winds move them together as the heart beats grow,
Aching to touch from across the room,
Hearts begin to dance, flower and bloom.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Message from the Spirit

As I contemplate the meaning of this time of year as many, I also contemplate the meaning of the figure head behind it. As we go through our lives, and our contact with the people in our outside world, all around us, we tend to look at them by first impressions, judgments and appearances.

What we don't really take a look at is what is on the inside, the uniqueness, the qualities, the struggles, the spiritual and soul ties to your life, that you and many others share from all walks of life. The gifts they deliver to you, and you to them, sometimes without even knowing what they are or mean.

Imagine the time of Christ when he was being judged while doing his good deeds for others, those who where afraid of him, afraid of his power, incite, and spirit. Those who were afraid of loosing their control over the people who knew him. And so they judged him unjustly. What he brought to them from the spirit was selflessness, sacrifice, healing, forgiveness, and divine love. His mission  for those who were lost, was to see, to see this spirit, to reveal it to them slowly, patiently, quietly, steadily, to awaken thier minds to the divine as he took the blows, the judgment, the undeserved punishments, and all the sins of man upon himself.

Contemplate what that must have been like if you were in those shoes, the strength required, to take that upon ones self, that sacrifice, struggle, judgment, all that pain, inside and out while having the weight of the world upon you trying to stop you, and yet go on and continue to teach and offer forgiveness, in hopes of gathering those who would "get it", and understand the message.

To know divine nature, is to look upon the inside, not just the figure head on the outside. He did it out of divine love, to give those a chance to to see it and accept it who wanted it. To really get his message, and deliver it straight to their hearts and minds, to understand what he did for them, so that they would not have to continue to endure the pains, the sins, the suffering the world can create through human indecency and interaction that wounded their souls and minds starting from their births. So he came as a promise to release it after death, not by people simply accepting just the figure, the religion, but the message through the spirit.

Divine nature gives you the ability to forgive those who did wrong to you, and you to them. To continue to walk forward healed, with a fresh spirit and heart, and leave the blackness behind, with growth, understanding, and more life wisdom than before. It is a hard thing for human nature to learn to forgive when terrible things are done. To hold it all in, not allowing it to heal in your spirit over time, only wounds yourselves deeper, caging you, afraid.

So I ask you, not to just think about your family gatherings, your food, your drinks, the commercial aspects, not even just the religion, word or the person. Rather think of the spirit and the message from the divine love and nature that was given to you unconditionally. Think about what was taken upon him from birth to death, the shoes he walked in, and what he had to endure that came from the spirit and the message, to help you see, and to set you free. Understanding the root of the divine message.


William Wooding


Spiritual Ties

Half  in the spirit, half in the clouds,
Balancing, knowing what's behind the shroud,
Grateful for the gift, a gift seldom seen,
Knowing the events, study of life force readings,
Spiritual ties that see, connections to life's streams,
The energy releases thought, through analytic means.

The mystery inside, frees spiritual site,
Buried deep inside, I step into my light,
Contemplating paths, intuition's assistance,
Deep into the night, transformed through time and distance,
Energy through the hand, that controls natures winds of instance.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

Magical Moments

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It is rare for a Lunar Eclipse to fall on the Solstice. It last happened in 1638 and again, in 1703. There was a partial eclipse as recently as December 21, 1991. Did the world change after any of those alignments? Not immediately, not obviously. But what's much harder to quantify, because history has no way to record it, is how many people changed their minds about crucial matters, how many hearts were touched, how many magic moments were experienced. The whole time between now and the Solar Eclipse on January 4, is due to be exceptionally magical.

Magic is coming, it may have been a struggle within for many, an external struggle for others, or both. Think about what needs to change, and let it change for the better in your future. The time is ripe to get serious about what it is, what you really need and want deep down, and what needs to change.

So what were your experiences this year, your struggles? What is it in you that needs to change for the better, to allow fulfilment and the reception of the spirits gifts to begin?
Peace and good wishes!
William Wooding


Mind Over Matter?

Since it has been a little over a year that I have started writing, I would like to take a moment to tell you more about me and what this blog has evolved into. I consider this years ending, as an anniversary of sorts for this blog.

I have been working on this site for a little over a year now, it may seem typical, ordinary, but I am going to reveal to you much more than you may realize. Most of my writings and artist works are divinely driven, in other words they did not exactly come from myself, but from the universal energy I absorbed, then projected back into my work.

For over a year I have been slowly recognizing that the connection to the divine, the universal energy, can be slowly learned and re connected to, if you pay attention to it. When it's tapped into, especially through creativity, produces inspired results, not from just the mind, but through the spirit and soul. Once you learn, and have seen this, experienced it, your creativity will expand into realms you could not imagine from when you first started.

To learn to rest in it, flow with that energy when it comes, like a beautiful piece of music that sends the shivers up your spine, this is the energy flowing into you, it inspires you. If you absorb it, then release it, it drives you to write, to paint, to create, to invent, to imagine. Its resources are endless, and amazing.

I have taken it a step farther than just art and poetry, and created a learning experience out of this entire blog while going along my own path, and used it to teach you through my poetry, articles, videos. I used it to help you get in tune with that source, to enhance your intimacy, your love, your relations, your artistry, your emotions, nature, and most importantly to show your connection to creation. Everything around you, the air, the trees, the animals, people, the earth and space, love, life, holds energy. To be still in ourselves and observe, meditate and fill ourselves again with these sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, create the link back to you.

We are so absorbed in our human created jungle, our TVs, our problems, our daily jobs, and wrapped up in ourselves and egos that we forget where all our direction and energy comes from. We become detached from it, relying on self. To re awaken to the energy, is almost a lost art in itself. There are many religious factions that know a part of this secret. The energy can be used in many ways, healing, the arts, teaching, inventing, what the martial artists call chi.

Energy absorbed from the surroundings, and channeled through the soul body and spirit, enhances the mind, our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions and well-being, and effects those around us. Each one of you has your own special ability, it could take some a long time to find it, or a short time, and to learn what your purpose is, become aware of it and how to use it in this world.
Have you ever noticed when the people in the world are in turmoil, or projecting unhappiness and negativity, the world itself physically seems to show signs of turmoil and negative events, like more volcanoes going off, and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Many will argue that these are caused by the sun, stars moon, or other natural or man-made occurrences, and to some degree they are correct, but isn't it a force or projected energy in action? Go back in history when major events occurred in human history, and see if there is any correlation to what I just told you. Is it the force effecting the people, or the people effecting the force?

Where negative energy is being released, it affects that time in history and the world negatively. When people find their way back to peace in themselves, balance, positivity, reconnect to their faiths, positive emotions, and treat each other like human beings again, the world seems to magically re balance itself. This is the struggle, within ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our interaction with others, our spirit and soul, our love, the world.

So I wish to bring you this message this holiday season, and for you to look back on all the turmoils that have gone on with you, the people you know, and those you don't know in the world. As an em-path I feel these vibrations, and I feel the negativity is slowly coming to an end of a period and cycle in time for now, but the struggle isn't over. The whole world won't start holding hands, but it can come back to a degree of balance.
Turn your minds from the negative banter projected in the world this holiday, and into the new year. Change your minds and be glad for what you have and who you are, even in your hardships, learn to interact with the divine energy, ask and trust in it to give you what you need, then project that back into the world, your work, your interactions, pay careful attention, then observe it and watch it change over time, and learn from the experience.

I know there is someone out there in the world who has read my blog, and it has changed them, taught them, helped them, or effected them in some way. The extreme amount of energy I have absorbed, used, and projected back into my work, is my gift over the years, to those it helped, made them think, or enlightened.

Still skeptical? Parapsychology, Psychics, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The CIA, Verified Healers, have used a form of this energy and through their gifts. I won't tell you what I can do, just what I know within. Now think again, and try to bend your mind around the possibility of what I have said.

Peace and Happy Holidays

William Wooding


As the holidays get closer, I would like to take a moment to ring in the good cheer and brighten your spirit. Remember, that whether you are with someone or not, you can concentrate on your soul and spirit, and what the holidays bring. The spirit resides within us, in everything, and all around us, absorb it, soak in the love from the air, and put a smile on your face.

William Wooding  ©


Geminid meteor shower

Tonight and tomorrow, Dec. 13th and 14th is the height of the Geminid meteor shower. The radiant point rises in the east in mid-evening. It's highest around 2 a.m. Best views will be in a dark sky, after moon set. North America will be well placed for the peak.

There is nothing worth more then having the one you love by your side and witnessing such events. Makes for a perfect romantic evening,  followed with a little passion. If your into staying up late, and you happen to have some clear sky's around this time, make some plans with that special someone and enjoy the moment, it's what life's all about. If you are unable to view it because of the weather in your area, don't let that slow you down, the event of the shower is reason enough for the passion alone.

William Wooding


Get Some

I have recently brought you down a road to show you a way to release your inhibitions,  to face your emotional fears and frailties,  show you a way to move on from past traumatic events, or fears, that block your potential creativity, your sensuality, to be able to feel your fullest again.

Freeing our minds of all toxic past events in our lives, frees our spirit and soul, to venture forward without inhibitions, to create better relationships and better lives.

To face your emotions in all forms, go through the fire so to speak, and begin to accept and fill yourselves with all the big love the universe wants you to have, transforms you, and enables you to return it uninhibited. As a byproduct, that positive support and love you give along with receiving it, rockets your creativity to its highest levels, because your emotional, physical, and sexual health are now in tune.

You all deserve a return on your investment of love and respect for others, burn down any toxicity you expel in your life, walls you have erected or inhibitions, and replace it with a bigger love, and then begin to watch and experience unimaginable heights.  Learn how to find that connection with your mate, spiritually, sensually, intimately through  your souls.

Neglect it, repel it, it flies away like the wind.


William Wooding


Poetry, Blended Art, The senses

Continued series of combined poetic art:

Combining Poetry into other art forms involving all the senses, or many of them, is rarely done, except when turned to lyrics in songs and sung out loud, not necessarily pure poetry, but singing or rapping a  poem or rhyme, another form of blended art. The concept of combining other art forms with poetry, to reach an audiences senses, reaching their attention and emotions through the senses, and having it touch them, is an advanced art form, and difficult to combine without singing it. As an example I made a video about Tantra love, a connection to its spiritual energy, and its human course. Raw spiritual creativity through combined art, and involvement of the senses.

In this concept I have used the art of Tantra, Mood Music, Imagry, Sound, Media Film, and Poetry, to affect the senses.

Do you find combining the arts with poetry more absorbing and advanced, when involving the senses?

~ William Wooding ~ ©


The economies emotional and mental well-being

The children of tomorrow have dream's, hopes, and goals that may not be fully realized or supported if detailed planning and structures are not set in place. The feeling of helplessness lies in today's world and economy for many to move forward, but there is always a way.

Bringing attention to these needs and planning should be a priority today, not tomorrow. Literature, poetry, and the arts are key factors that help stimulate today's economy, social expansion, and the future outlook for the economy and the children of tomorrow, they are tied to its growth, and even its health. These and other similar areas in our countries economic recovery, are critical in helping to bring future prosperity to all of you.

A healthy recovery requires new vision and ways of rebuilding, where it failed in the past, the old ways are dead. Restructuring what is important in society, in these areas, can breathe fresh air back into society and its economic mental health and recovery. Lets point out a key area.

Poetry literature and the arts, can be used as healing processes for the mental health and economic stimulus of its citizens. They emotionally and mentally stabilize the helplessness, turmoil, and spiritual aspect of its people, and by change of these for the better, affect you economically.

People have been pulled through the mud in many areas since the economy declined. Poetry literature and the arts brings healing, relief, joy, hope, and positive creativity back to the people, and the economies growth. When its programs are cut, and seen as less important at key times in societies turmoil, there is less positive influences to balance the negativity in the economy. People are tired and want relief, growth and prosperity. Poetry literature and the arts is a medicine, that brings positive influences back to the economy and societies mental and emotional well being. It should not be ignored, nor programs squashed.

Creativity, is a key that is tied to growth in all aspects of the economy. It brings fresh ideas, perspectives and healing where it is broken. Poetry literature and the arts are partial foundations for this, that can introduce creative fresh ideas toward business and economic growth.

It all starts with your children, evaluating economic priorities for future growth and stimulus, and the positive creative change to start rebuilding tomorrows future and goals. Think about that for a moment, what kinds of medicine do we need in society to feed this countries positive outlook as a whole, to help remove the negative influences and rhetoric slowing us down? The country should always look to this vision for the future.

Artisan recovery act any one?

~ William Wooding ~ ©

The importance of poetry, the arts, and the underpriveleged.

There are people in your city, among you in the crowd, or on a street corner, with incredible talents waiting to be discovered. They are that child or adult without a home, they make little to pay their bills, the obscure ones, the ones without the means to rise up beyond themselves to be known, because of their dilemmas or profession. They could be the next Shakespeare, Van Gogh, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sitting in a bus station playing guitar, or reading poetry out loud on a downtown corner you throw spare change at.

The fact is very little funding is available to these underprivileged individuals, it mainly goes to larger organizations and schools, and the educated. What a shame, considering what might be missed, what masterpieces might be waiting to be uncovered. There are some programs available, but how far will they go to help some of these underprivileged artisans and poets, and give them a place in society?

If you have an old painting on your wall, or a book of poetry, whether it's worth $100,000, or $10.00, look at it and think about the artist behind those works, instead of just the creation you enjoy. Did you know most artists and poets through out history were poor? Many made very little off of all their hard work and intellect, until they were deceased, ironic.

Most artisans and poets will tell you, they do it not for the money, but for their own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of others. To a degree that is mostly true, but they still feel they should achieve a living of some kind for all their intellect that gets poured into their works.

Funding should be made more readily available for the underprivileged artisans and poets, to give them a hand up, to help them publish that book or create that next master piece. Think of what the world would be like if they disappeared. A lot of bare walls and book shelves in your home? It is happening as we speak.

A world without poetry and artisans would be very dull indeed. Does a doctor, or lawyer perform a service? Do they get paid well for the art form they produce? Time to recognize what poets and artisans are worth, not separate from the service and joy they produce.

Don't you think it's about time to help the next Shakespeare, Van Gogh, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sitting on the street corner in the rain?

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Teaching through the senses

Learning about new things might be taught best through the senses.

As a child we all sat through some boring classes, listening as teachers talk away describing and conveying what they were trying to pound into our heads. Sometimes we got to see a movie or two, play with some art or shop tools, depending on the class.

I propose a new way of teaching, a formula of using the senses, to allow the student to interact physically, sensually, as well as mental stimulation. Many children in preschool do this to an extent now, they play with blocks shapes and all kinds of toys, but why does that slowly diminish through the grades, except for a few classes like the arts?

Now I am not suggesting giving toys to older children, but I am suggesting making teaching more an overall sensual experience, to allow children to learn more with aids of this nature, in all ways conceivable. I believe learning is best achieved in this manner for many children. Some are fine with out, but a large amount of individuals learn through visual aids, movies, models things they can interact with. It embeds the memory of what they learn deeper. This may result in a larger amount of graduates, and a lessening of drop outs.

Along with children, this may work well with adults as well. We absorb everything through the senses, so why do we teach with little of this involved in it?

Time for a re think?

Perhaps one day, a method will be implemented and enhanced to take this course, and change the direction in teaching to a new level, and possibly bring about higher learning through the senses and the human psyche.

On a side note, not only is this good for teaching and education, but for you romantics out there trying to revive something or start something up that may have grown a little stale, it's all about the sensual experience.

To many people block out their emotions and senses, instead of just letting them flow, afraid from past heart aches, they diminish further chances. Putting walls in place and emotional blocks quite frankly just kills it after a while, and the very thing they want to fully experience. Think about it, try letting it all go and let it wash over you completely, instead of fearing it and blocking it out. A much better experience will fill you up, instead of leaving you half empty and hearted.

If you go into a relationship blocking the other person from getting close to you all the time because of your own fears, how do you think your relations will turn out? This will only give the other person a bad vibe and aura of mistrust, dishonesty, and the feeling of lack of intimacy coming from you. If you want it to work, you need to get real.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Life's Road Map

We are all connected in some way.

We are led down spiritual paths, that guide us to incidences and those we meet, a place in time. Strangely and coincidentally sometimes, we are brought to the very crossroad in our journey to where we need to be.

It is hard for many to recognise this time, without learning to become consciously aware of it. It's imperative to  pay attention to your paths and question why you were guided here. Without learning to recognise these events in time, you may miss your opportunities, your change you've been seeking, that special someone you've been looking for, job you've been seeking, or other opportunity that could enhance your life.

Life is a road map full of arrow signs and distractions. If you learn to capture and recognise them, quietly contemplate and meditate on these events, you can begin to see the very change you seek, how or why it may fit in to your life, and the gift that was brought to you personally from the spiritual,  the universe, and heavens guides.

Learn to take hold of it instead of wondering. It happened for a reason, now explore that reason. Take the adventure while it is in front of you, before it's gone.


~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ Conception ~

Heavy breath, sweet scent of expectations,
Embroiled fragrance flows, her fire builds within,
Magnetic desires, conspires, collapses into twins,
Twin flames crash, flash into furious passions,
Calories burn, sweat drips, sensuality's surrender,
His energy builds to fill her quenching thirst,
Explosive touch, teasing her tingling tender skin,
Pheromones of fulfillment erupt,
Two become one as souls blend,
Intimate twisted entanglement,
Conception of the lovers,
When they let go,
Passion flows,
It begins.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Continued exploration of combined art

We are going to put up a music video every month, emphasizing and exploring the emotions through music and lyrics. Taking some of my first articles, and supporting them with this post, hope you enjoy!


~ The Stranger ~

Stranger in foreign lands, walks through a maze of haze dazed but not confused,
Past thoughts trail behind intertwined in his mind, crooked shadow trails,
Leaving to where destiny calls, he travels, mystic insight where others fail, storms blow cold, past unravels,
Determined to find the kind, optimistic futures that hold with strong metallic nails,
Where spirit shows open doors that unfold to the bold and fearless night,
Day breaks dawn with all its might, blocks that mock the rock will set right,
Life leads to journeys needs from blind to sight set seeds to grow,
Beyond the door he will walk toward real passion and what it's for,
The sun rises for the stranger forever more, calling calm and distant foreign shores.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

~ Moments ~

Mystic spirit realms,
Body, soul, minds meld,
Hearts collide, crashed, passions,
Energy, light, bright, fashioned,
Fires rage, burn, rise,
Symphonic harmony, tempo, rhythm, rhyme,
Movement, tandem, entwined,
Tornado's twist, together, find,
Cleansing, refreshed, washed,
Healing energy, synergy, aligned,
Powers, passions, of a different kind,
Fear not the force,
Release what's inside,
Life's moments,
A flicker,
A ripple,
In time.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

~ Rest In Time ~

Along planked paths old and worn,
From hence we came,
We are reborn into mornings march,
Transformed into effervescent ways,
Ignoring the strange disruptions,
Embraced by spatial spiritual spiral rays,
Path worn by know one but me,
Into my place and seat I will reap,
Where mystery meets with nights black ink,
Energy flows from aurora sunsets,
Across my face embraced faceted light,
Absorbed by what is in the moment,
Healing those in birds erratic flight,
Beyond realities winglessness,
To realities expansive knowledge,
Putting them on a path that is theirs,
My spirit and light guides them home,
Sending them scenes of serenity,
Releasing painful memories,
Remembering good memories,
Finding peace within all things,
As nature demands respect,
Balance in human beings.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

~ Burgundy Bloom ~

Ominous burgundy bloom,
Larger than life,
Scent of flowery perfume,
Elegant, random in its voice,
Wafting through the room,
Petals tipped splendid,
Faded hues to white elated,
Depth in colors pleasant,
Erupted to heights fulfilled,
To the eye of pleasure,
Beholds beauty and sanctuary,
In peaceful tranquility,
Garden of erotic delights.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ Touch of Passion ~

Subtle serenade builds over time like lovers rhythm,
Passions rhyme sends seductive sensations swirling,
Fulfilling senses surround sensual serene sanctuaries,
Touching from a hairs width of touching,
Lovers feel the aura of authentic energy radiate,
Escalating synergy transports through static places,
Where soul mates kiss from a breath away,
Traveling through time, whispering lips, and glowing faces.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ The Traveler ~

Traveling twisting mind streams.
Grounded to earth that conforms to flow freely,
Gently follows carved curved paths,
Nothing can block its destinations track,
Tandem in movement supportive round ripples,
Rocks on which it rests and slides in tides,
Glides, eddies, and tumbles,
Calm in cool pools.

No strains against nor entrenched,
Conforms yet grows in light wide water windows,
Changes through time as it bends, it tends,
Cleans spiritual souls that mystic sparkling sight lends,
Turbulent, transforms with mounting energies,
Eternal shifts from small cliffs and life reflections,
Boundless directions share theirs,
Open to the currents creativity,
Positive energy flows and travels there,
Becoming aware, joined with passionate raptures.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

~ Beneath the Falls ~

Majestic mounds,
Falls of fantasy,
Rocks hard,
Colliding in misty wetness,
Cool refreshing fingers,
Vacillating spray of liquids,
Inviting thrusts of water streams,
Embroiled crevices,
Collapsing down,
To a pool,
Of passionate steam.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

~ A Walk By The Woods ~

Stranded fields of green growth,
As far as sight can see as a great sea,
Earths green shrouded tranquility,
Shrouded in foggy mist adrift on short blades,
Joined to the old stand hand shaped like a C,
Erratic fence line of tall shade and comforts ease,
Living life entrenched strong wooden roots,
Blend into the great stretch outstretched beyond,
Earths drenched plankton pond,
Winds breath in motion,
World of plant prisms,
Enticed to an inviting lawn.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ Life Force ~

The spirit of the earth,
Been there since all our births,
Energy from all things,
Tapped into,
Shows things unseen,
Pure emotions,
Transformed to realities oceans,
Oceans of energy available as gifts,
Used properly can heal all rifts,
Energy to transform the earth itself,
Calming winds, disasters, calamities,
With a energy force and what is felt.

Its energy consists of what we feel,
Changing it with what we deal,
Affecting all with positive force,
We have the power to change its course,
The power lies deep inside,
Takes time to find it,
Removing your blinds.

We are all connected to this natural place,
All the energies,
Even from outer space,
Learning to become in tune,
Can transform who you are,
And what the planet will do,
The reactions from all our life forces,
Affects the heart beat of the planet so blue. ©


~ The Dream Weaver ~

Children of tomorrow's dreams freeing their pains their inner beings,
Open their minds to find their way talents to better days and healthy living,
Releasing anger from wrongs of past healing helping that will teach,
Replacing helplessness with love and light with a bright spirit that will reach,
Their future lies in a better way to renew their will and mind set on goals,
Paths to enlighten their plans to keep them busy and constantly unfold,
Children of tomorrow need direction and patience to help them roll,
Into men and women of tomorrow's dreams with means to create the future,
So follow the dream and give them the means that they so deserve without reserve to mature,
Enlightenment to their paths lay behind the aftermath of wrongs that pricked tortured minds,
Refilling them with goals and light that refreshes their might and desires to find their time,
In their life paths set off course but with tools to move forward to what they were meant for back to their path,
The importance to see their lights shine healing their souls moving forward to tomorrow's goals leaving behind the wrath to futures that belong to them they must have freeing their minds. ©


~ Fires Within ~

Breaking out for future realms fun adventure where passions melt,
Breaking down walls that create stalls where you walked and dwelt,
Experience life's best past is at rest you have been through that test,
Transforming in universal divide where destiny is open wide to life's best,
Walk with those who chose to embrace the rose putting behind the rest,
No fear you have the wheel so steer adventures to what seeks you to be near,
No shame in who you are open wide to life's designs destiny desires and those you hold dear,
No hidden motives being strait forward playtime's over nothing to get over just moving toward,
Desire and destiny is in the air let passions find you stop with a passionate stare see if it leads you to some where without fear or care of the unknown.


~ Step Forward ~

Altered states and an altered mind,
Creates what you need and want that begins to shine,
Brings you lives of a different kind,
When positive vibrations emanate into the universe,
Trusting in it to show you your dreams and paths of verse,
Energizing you when they start to form into realities sunburst,
Filling you yet dispelling negativity's worst,
Embrace what it gives and let it flow,
It will lead you to a brighter future and tomorrow. ©


Catch The Wind

Self doubt, lifes problems, bad days, are all things everybody has to deal with throughout our lives. But how to pull ourselves up from these dramas and dilemmas where we don't want to be.

Sometimes when we go through life problems, we dwell on the negatives for far too long. Think of yourselves as a boat in rough waters, and instead of dwelling to long on your circumstances, which will only bring you down more, start looking for new winds to help you sail out of the rough waters.

Concentrate on finding these winds, and the problems will seem to drift away with the gray clouds, as you discover calmer waters you did not see before. An open mind, searching, exploring, effectively using intuition, and learning new things, will relieve your mind and life's troubles. As a byproduct, opportunity and solutions will come about, so "be aware" and looking for it when you are on your quest.

You are the captain, so put your sails up and start looking for that place you want to be, or let the wind guide you to where you never thought you should go. The journey is a lifelong adventure to new undiscovered oceans, let go and enjoy the ride.

If you feel yourself slipping remember this, the storms in your life will seem smaller and smaller, once you know how to sail your ship to calmer seas, giving you better peace of mind, and a positive outlook. The fun, opportunity, and peace of mind this creates during the journey will be your reward and raise your spirits, so catch the wind!


Motivational Quote

"Love cures people -- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it." -- Dr. Karl Menninger


~ Renewal ~

Warm breeze feels good across my chest,
Defrosting morning dew breaks free from winters long breath,
Tree frogs sing with distant songs,
Grass and budding trees break from the ground all around,
Beautiful star lit nights painted on a still dark canvas,
Afternoon sun casts rays of warmth on the planet so vast,
The seasons change once again into a burst of new life,
Spring is here,
Renewal begins,
Once again an end to a cold and frosty strife. ©


Motivational Quote

He who is conscious of his own light is content to be obscure - he shall be the whole world's model. -- Taoism


Mathematical Art and the Mandelbrot set

 Strange how art can have a mathematical side to it to create unique designs and fractal images of beauty.

 Mandelbrot came up with a formula and theory that mathematically designed a piece of art through fractal geometry, an odd blend with great results that created a fractal image that could go on infinitely. Art and mathematical science can coexist to create amazing works. His theory and work was also seen in nature like the branches of a tree, which was described as fractal branching.

 How is our life path related to the Mandelbrot set? Our everyday lives can be looked at as a fractal path. We have many choices we can take, like the branches in a fractal image to take us down many different roads depending on our choices in infinite ways. This leads to fate and future, growth and transformation, optimism or pessimism in our outlook.

 Using intuition, and having faith in the universe to help deliver what you seek can help lead you down the correct path to your desires. It is only in releasing your fears to make that change, that educated choice, or that turn in the bend that your intuition and opportunity leads you to, to open your eyes and mind, you then will begin to see your potential and possibility to a fulfilling path on your fractal road into your life's journey.

Source: Mandelbrot Set

~ Mandelbrot Mindset ~

Diving down into inner dimensions,
Mind and math meets its intentions,
Life and thought diverge on paths,
By putting on our thinking caps.

Infinite truths and infinite directions,
Ways to find our life's affections,
Daring to go where we never thought,
Believing to find what can't be bought.

Mandelbrot brought us a clue,
Math and art blended into a fractal curlicue,
Your life paths are infinitely yours,
Make wise choices and keep your feet on the floor. ©


Writing Contest on BrightFuse

This was my first contest I have ever entered and I had lots of fun with it, and even learned a few things. Coming in first place in Lyrics, and honorable mention in poetry is a thrill. There are so many talented and deserving writers on BrightFuse.


Every one contributed very good poems and stories. I just want to say great job to all of you who entered, you all deserve applause!

Hope you enjoy the Lyrics! Hottest Of!


~ Valentines Day ~

Deep down below,
Lovers touch a warm glow,
Passions build with every glance,
Eyes gaze into souls that build romance,
Fires raise where friction plays,
A lovers entanglement in a heated blaze,
Devouring each other in a lovers maze,
Hearts beat to the rhythm of Valentines day.

Mind touches skin and soul touches passions,
Lovers move to various fashions,
Building a tempo that makes you blush,
Their passion is the fashion of a lovers touch,
Powerful tempo and erotic sounds,
Makes for music that has no bounds,
The lovers energy begins to surround,
Valentines day and the heart beat pounds.

Energy raises as the two touch,
Lips touch skin where they must,
Soul touches soul in their heated passion,
Body touches body in any fashion,
Heat and friction drips with sweat,
The lovers move where body and soul have met,
Winding down the lovers play,
Their passionate roles on Valentines day. ©


Finding Faith

Have you ever looked up at the stars at night and wondered in amazement at how vast the universe really is, even though you cannot see it all with the naked eye, you just know there is more to it intuitvely. Even science has not discovered every corner or aspect there is to see with the most modern equipment to date. Before the invention of modern scientific equipment, scientists pondered and just knew there was more to the vastness to space, so they began to develop the tools to find it, faith?

So is faith in a higher consciousness and being also like this? Some just feel the presence of something more than themselves even though they cannot see it or explain it, they have the faith it is there. With self learning and introspection, or meditation this can become more self evident to you, you simply have to use the tools to find it, keeping faith.

Through faith, wondering, an open mind, and a deep yearning to really know the higher power, doors, signs, and opportunity begin to open to your mind's eye and life you thought never possible, just like a scientist uses modern equipment to see farther into space to discover what they only felt and thought was there to begin with.

If you just sit there and do little to nothing, and expect a sign, a revelation, do you really expect it to come to you? You have no faith. You must advance yourself with always questioning and wondering, with an inquisitiveness, searching mind, yet used with an instinctive feeling, faith that the answers and mystery are there for you to discover, you must meet it half way, then you will begin to understand that even though things unseen seem unreal or not possible, they are really there for you to discover if you use the right tools, to your amazement.

Good luck in your quest!

~ Higher Being ~


~ Awaken ~

Awakenings in your mind,
Realizations of love of a higher kind,
After much introspection and study of soul,
Your spirit awakens and shows you your goals,
An amazing transformation you never have known,
You never thought how it could be your own,
The spirit awakens in your mind's eye to show how you've grown.

It unbinds you, showing you love of a higher kind,
An unexplained energy that transforms your mind,
Healing power fills your emotions,
Flows through you like a great emotional ocean,
Filling darkness that needed to go,
Balancing mind, body, emotions, and soul,
Understanding now what was missing that is pure gold,
A treasure inside that conforms with destinies goals,
Have you found that higher consciousness of mind, body, emotions, and soul?

Sometimes we have to go through our pain,
Open up to our astral plane,
Give of ourselves selflessly to receive the gift,
Your reward will be grand it can heal your rift,
So you must journey into yourself,
To study yourself and begin to put yourself on a shelf,
Then you will realize you're not the only one,
Your mind will awaken and begin to run,
To a higher place that touches the sun. ©


~ Mind in Time ~

Working endlessly towards a goal,
Looking for a higher love that fills my soul,
Where is the return in time?,
Time to change my mind?,
Mind my manners?
Manners of passion?
Passion with reason?
Reasons of the heart?
Heart of gold?
Gold with no rhyme?
Rhyme with my mind in time?
Time to fill this heart of mine.

My passion is filled and primed for the one who is ready to be mine to share this heart of gold in time with manners through a life of rhymes in my mind.©


Haiti Disaster: The human Spirit of Helping and Healing

 Many people have written, talked about, and searched for the meaning of the spirit externally and scientifically, but have they really searched internally, determinedly, with an unabiding faith to seek it in their own consciousness, to find this meaning in themselves, others, and the world. Are we all intertwined somehow in a grand design, do our actions and emotions not affect each other, and the way we consciously and unconsciously perceive others and ourselves?

 If we look at an apple without questioning its deeper life force, other than through just scientific means, can we truly say that it is just an apple, a piece of fruit or vegetation? Or does it have unseen spiritual consciousness in it, that science cannot define through known experimentation. Is introspection not a form of spiritual thinking and thus consciously coming to this theory about the apple? Where did your thought come from, just a mass of cells called a brain? Did your emotions drive you to this thought and play a role, if so where did they come from other than just your brain? Did your mind get a clue as to what you needed to know come from yourself, or something else internally and externally greater than you?

 If you envision a tree with lots of creatures living in it and you cut it down, how does that affect the overall life force? To remove it from the world. Would you explain it as I simply chopped the tree down, or would you say you destroyed multiple intertwined life forces by killing one life force? Are then we not as human beings intertwined on a large scale somehow, and a small change in that life force can dramatically change another's views, perspectives, and life itself for everyone in some way?

 Take for instance the Haiti disaster, how has this affected you? Either you care or you do not, you want to help or you couldn't care less. It is an important time in our generation to realize we all rely on each other in this world, we all have an effect on our environment and other people in what we do and our actions. It affects others emotionally, physically, mentally, and the life force as a whole that can eventually affect "you" in the long run, even if you don't care.

 What if we took the mind set of not caring about others, and eventually we had our own major catastrophe, would others from outside our nation or around the world care and leave us to fend for ourselves, or would they realize that the world as a whole needs to help each other in times of trouble and turbulence and come to our aide? You see the bigger picture here and how all of us are really in this boat together at one time or another, and can affect any nation or group, or even individuals whose outcome depends on others and what they do. How would you explain this scientifically, the chosen actions and its result, where did this come from,  just our thought and emotions towards the dilemma, or a higher cause spiritually pulling us closer to an unknown understanding to take action on behalf of others?

 The questions continue, where does this all lead us, are we all connected somehow through spirit and consciousness on an unrealized level that affects all by what we do.

 Some of us would like to help Haiti but we can barely help ourselves, some of us are capable of helping in a small way, and some of us are capable of helping in a large way. Think on this for a moment and imagine, if we all did whatever we could as a whole in a massive effort for a disaster like Haiti, instead of a gigantic uncoordinated hodgepodge of aid flung from all directions, trickling down while a desperate people's life force bleeds away. Is this really the way we should go about doing this?

 So I am writing about this to help those the best I can with what I have, my words, and to help those like them in the future. What can we do to make this work better and faster now and the next time this happens, and there will be a next time some place in the world in the future. I suggest everyone starts to think about a central rescue agency, composed of all the countries aid, organizations, nonprofit groups, and small businesses related to the work, and organized properly for efficient instant action.

 I know people involved in small disaster clean up, they are small businessmen who are hired by the government to go into places like the Katrina disaster for instance, and clean up the rubble with heavy equipment. In a disaster like Haiti and others, it is obvious this is one of "the most important things" to get there first in massive amounts, why? The condition in Haiti was so bad, the aide could not get off the docks fast enough, the streets are blocked with rubble, and so the aide could not get to where it needed to be, this is not the way to go about this, get the aide there and then start figuring out how to get it to the people days to weeks later. If massive earth moving equipment was organised ahead of time and transported immediately, without red tape bogging it all up, the streets could be plowed so rescue workers and aid can begin to move right behind them. This is efficiency, this would be more of a help in future disasters like this.

 I hope the world learns a lesson from this and designs a better system for human disasters in the future, or we could see more massive human suffering because of inefficient planning and system breakdowns due to not being organized properly.

 Let's get on the ball and at least make the aide work for what it was designed for, instead of an unorganized slow attempt to help, it is a detriment to us all as human beings in the end, when the cost of the disaster in lives lost was due to inefficiency. Why wait for something to happen in the world before we get organized, when we know it will happen again, it's only a matter of time.

 I feel for the people of Haiti and those like them to come in the future, the question is do you? What can we do to get more organized and make a better way the next time this happens?

 Thanks to all those who are helping in some way small or large, you are truly blessed by what you are doing, and make a difference in the life force as a whole.


Twin Flames and your Soul Mate

About the poem Soul Search and others on this site:

 The poem Soul Search was derived from the philosophy of the twin flames, and combined with the soulmate. After much thinking about the twin flames philosophy, and the soulmate, my theory is that these are separate, but also one.

 The twin flames are two souls going through life individually, or lives if such a thing exists. They are meant for each other, but are learning about themselves and who they are separately from each other, yet still connected through time on a spiritual level whether together in some fashion or not, they sense each other through soul. As time goes on and they have developed enough in their individuality and spirituality, to where they can accept each other unconditionally for whom each other is as a person. When they come together, whether from a previous relationship with each other or past life experience with previous connections to each other, after learning spiritually about themselves and their connection to each other through self spiritual learning, they can then merge into the soulmates.

 It is a journey in time for the other half that completes you, the twins is the search, journey and self learning faze. The soulmate is the merging of the twins into one, yet they are mature enough to recognize their separate identities, and still love each other unconditionally and merge as one. This releases control of each other, but allows each other's souls to blend into one unconditionally, to bring your relationships to a higher level with better understanding and acceptance of each other, and freedom of each other's personalities and individuality, that ultimately brings a bond like none other. It is about retaining your individuality, yet merging closer together with acceptance of another soul and mind.

 This will not stop disagreements with your mates or relations, but it will allow you to not tear the bond if you can accept that they are an individual and have their own way of thinking, and simply accept that with understanding, and move past your barriers with bond intact. The key is balancing self individuality with togetherness and intimacy, with allowing for teaching, growing and learning from each other, but not allowing conflict to destroy the special bond even if not resolved, you have to work at being close yet keep your individuality. One or the other will learn eventually, but remember in their own way and time, give patience and understanding until they learn without conditions.

 You are both teachers and students through a twin flames/soulmate relationship, allow it to flow naturally, do not control it, accept kind learning and teaching from each other, this gives you harmony and understanding in your relationship throughout your life to make the special bond without stifling each other.

 If you read through my poetry and truly think about the messages they give, you will find many poems about love and life I have written, are intertwined with this philosophy, and hold a clue that point to this path of self discovery, release and finding a higher path of togetherness with yourself, and another. It's about learning unconditional love for your twin, your partner, your soulmate, and yourself.

Hope this enlightens some of you about your relations to each other, and yourselves!
"... and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment..."

~ Plato ~

Source: Twinflames


~ Soul Search ~

Opportunity knocks on winged shoes,
Time to get up and make your moves,
Put a rest to stagnant dreams,
Mind set matters to make your means,
Strive for a balanced life,
Disappointment is a thing in the night.

Find worthiness in yourself,
Cooperate with those that help,
Desires well up for a new start,
With one who wants to play the part,
Search for your partner in crime,
Your soulmate is the one,
Who will value your heart, body, soul, and mind,
Together you can build a light,
Put things behind that cause you strife,
Onward to find your partner, soul, and life.

Play time is over the world beckons you,
Be open to those that make you feel new,
Life's journey is an adventure through time,
Step forward to make it yours and mine.

For what is a soulmate, but one who shares time,
Can independently be themselves,
But can also share together theirs with mine,
Blend the two with perfect form,
You have two souls becoming one that can never be torn,
Timeless together heart, body, soul, and mind,
And independently together is a priceless soul mate to find.

You see? both are Separately two of a kind,
But your souls energies blend when you come together,
Heart, body, soul, and mind. ©