Hope waits for those who take it,
Has patience to see it make it,
Hold it carefully in your heart,
Caress it like a baby in your arms,
Keep it in the back of your mind,
As day to day unwinds,
For in a future time,
Hope will transform and you will find,
What you hoped for if you are kind,
And patiently let it unwind in time,
While keeping it determinedly in your mind.©


~ Ghost Rider ~

Skull ablaze is his craze,
Riding high on metal machine,
Searching for those to send back to hell,
His eyes are his only means,
His love for another is his goal,
One he can't touch with his fiery soul.

Seeking a way to end his lot,
He rides through time blazing hot,
Destroying the damned on the spot,
His journey never ending.

Riding on a steal cycle frame,
Burning desire is his name to fame,
If you are evil in what you do,
Ghost Rider will be coming for you.

~William Wooding~  ©

Based on the Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider


~ Highest Kind ~

The highest love gives all it has found,
Timeless in its teaching to show,
Patiently keeping its inner glow,
Yet gently releasing it from its hold,
Never gives up with all its might,
Grows in those who embrace its light,
Like a child in its mothers arms sleeping in the night.

Wisdom and patience attracts the mind,
Blended with intimacy, beauty, and positive emotions,
Love makes for the highest kind,
One that transcends all knowledge,
One that does not fail because of life's follies,
One that many search for but never understand,
The higher meaning that goes hand in hand,
A piercing love that holds lightly yet surrounds,
Whom many think they know,
But have never really found.

To experience it with another who has found this light,
Rare is it found where two share the sight,
Many hold up emotional walls that never come down,
If they could just let them go, dissolve them, all around,
The highest experience could then be found,
When two grow together love transcends all bounds.

~William Wooding~ ©


~ Wild Turk ~

Drunken man with no place to go,
walked through a field and tripped over a hoe,
got back up and said why me,
as he opened his fly and took a pee,
wiped the dirt off his shirt,
as he took a shot of Wild Turk,
off he stumbled for another try,
to get across the field to his house near bye.

He came to a scarecrow whose limbs tangled his hair,
his temper began to flare,
he thought he was under attack,
he began to fight the scarecrow back,
when he was done beating it to stuffing,
he realized it was nothing.

He yelled at the scarecrow don't do that,
as he fell onto his back,
he drank another shot of Wild Turk,
took out a smoke and lit his shirt,
he jumped up and danced around,
fell into a ditch and rolled on the ground,
he yelled out again why me,
unzipped his fly and took another pee.

Off he stumbled to the front door,
opened it up and wobbled across the floor,
crawled up the stairs,
as he pushed back his hair,
to the bedroom was his only care,
fell into bed and closed his eyes,
when a light came on to his surprise.

He heard a voice say John this really isn't fair,
for the last time put down the Wild Turk and get out,
your house is over there. ©


~ Shape Shifter ~

In my mind
Across time
Across the world
Others see
A message
Just like me.

~William Wooding ~ ©