~ Renewal ~

Warm breeze feels good across my chest,
Defrosting morning dew breaks free from winters long breath,
Tree frogs sing with distant songs,
Grass and budding trees break from the ground all around,
Beautiful star lit nights painted on a still dark canvas,
Afternoon sun casts rays of warmth on the planet so vast,
The seasons change once again into a burst of new life,
Spring is here,
Renewal begins,
Once again an end to a cold and frosty strife. ©


Motivational Quote

He who is conscious of his own light is content to be obscure - he shall be the whole world's model. -- Taoism


Mathematical Art and the Mandelbrot set

 Strange how art can have a mathematical side to it to create unique designs and fractal images of beauty.

 Mandelbrot came up with a formula and theory that mathematically designed a piece of art through fractal geometry, an odd blend with great results that created a fractal image that could go on infinitely. Art and mathematical science can coexist to create amazing works. His theory and work was also seen in nature like the branches of a tree, which was described as fractal branching.

 How is our life path related to the Mandelbrot set? Our everyday lives can be looked at as a fractal path. We have many choices we can take, like the branches in a fractal image to take us down many different roads depending on our choices in infinite ways. This leads to fate and future, growth and transformation, optimism or pessimism in our outlook.

 Using intuition, and having faith in the universe to help deliver what you seek can help lead you down the correct path to your desires. It is only in releasing your fears to make that change, that educated choice, or that turn in the bend that your intuition and opportunity leads you to, to open your eyes and mind, you then will begin to see your potential and possibility to a fulfilling path on your fractal road into your life's journey.

Source: Mandelbrot Set

~ Mandelbrot Mindset ~

Diving down into inner dimensions,
Mind and math meets its intentions,
Life and thought diverge on paths,
By putting on our thinking caps.

Infinite truths and infinite directions,
Ways to find our life's affections,
Daring to go where we never thought,
Believing to find what can't be bought.

Mandelbrot brought us a clue,
Math and art blended into a fractal curlicue,
Your life paths are infinitely yours,
Make wise choices and keep your feet on the floor. ©