Branching Fractal Dimensional Poetry

To all my poet friends out there and poetry scholars in the world, today is the official debut of my poetic artistic invention. It does me no good to keep it locked up anymore. Its origin is from my intellect, and was written on this page and art form posted below. A crown in my achievements.

I created this method a long while back, it is relatively simple, but very hard to put into practice and understand, it can bend your minds like a Rubik's Cube with the possibilities. It was extracted from an earlier post I made about Mathematical Art and the Mandelbrot Set , where I had seen some of my poetry taking this shape and form, a way of describing something using fractal poetry. So I had seen a pattern forming in my overall poetry concepts and blog concept, and developed this method into a unique artistic piece quite a while ago.

It is comprised of a series of separated poems, fractal in nature. They can stand alone as singular poems, separate clues describing parts of the overall picture. Put together, they describe the larger picture as a whole, like the pieces in a puzzle fitting together. They start from the bottom of the picture (the base poem description) working their way to the top to a final overall description.

The poems grow in lines exponentially towards the top, but the line count doesn't necessarily have to follow a set number, as long as it grows in lines towards the top. Each poem carries a small part of the last, as it grows to the top, yet the poems stand as unique individual poems. They can also be cross dimensional.

If you get creative enough, you can branch out from the bottom base starting poem, into a completely different direction to describe something else, or once again from one of the other poem sets if you wish, to describe a different aspect of the picture, or a different picture entirely that you can add off the other one.

Using this method, in theory, you could create an endless poetic descriptive fractal, branching off from different segments of the poems (usually the base), and adding more images to describe, say an animal for instance, starting at it feet. This is the intent and the invention of my creation I call, ( Branching Fractal Dimensional Poetry).

Below I have posted my example, and the first and one of a kind artistic piece, describing from bottom to left top a cherry tree, and from bottom to right top, a birds nest in the cherry tree. I have professional contacts that verified the invention is similar to other forms, but at the same time sound, unique and different.

If you wish to post about this elsewhere, you have my permission, as long as you add this blog link back to this post, mentioning my name as the creator beneath your posts, with this thread link as its source.

I hope this opens your minds to being creative, and its possibilities.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

Click the picture for the larger view.


~ Quatrain of Spiritual Puzzles ~

Our times collide in destiny, past and present,
One only need to recognise the collision in the signs,
Like the rocks of Stonehenge we are placed and face each other,
Some are aware, some oblivious to the puzzle that makes up the whole,
The whole that makes up the bigger picture, pieces to the quarry,
Each rock has its own strength, each rock makes the picture work,
Paths foretold that cross dimensions, windows to each others future, hearts, souls, and goals.

So look carefully, watch, stare fully at your clues,
Don't dismiss what they tell you and lead you to,
Stones of mystery stand together throughout time,
One approaches who sees,  and can tie them together,
A completed puzzle you will find, gently blowing on the mystic winds of time.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


What's wrong with facebook?

Have you noticed that little poke button? Why does facebook just have a poke button? Not only that but why can you only select one person at a time to poke? Why can't you select all your friends in one fell swoop and have a poke fest?

Why does facebook just have a poke? Why can't you slap your buddy up side the back of the head for doing something dumb, pinch that cuties butt, or have a button for "I'm crushing your little head" like the Saturday Night Live script? Why install all these applications just to give someone a hug, when there should be a simple hug button? What about a button to slap yourself upside the head , or poke yourself in the eye?

What do they mean by poke? Could it mean more than one kind of poke and you are doing something virtually naughty? Could we or facebook get in trouble for that? I find this all confusing, and not simplified enough into separate poke categories and other buttons that are needed for variety.

Facebook needs to get it right and stop poking around. We all need more buttons to show our love and affection for each other, and a better variety of buttons to spend all day replying to. A new form of human communication, button speak.

Thanks for listening!

William Wooding ©