Wisdom of Spirit

If you watched the previous movie, and read some of my blog, you may be realizing a few things. I will give you this to think about, a question and insite to ask yourself. Time may be heading for a crescendo, yes I know you have heard many theories before but ask yourself do you feel it inside, are you witnessing it?
The turmoil in the world and around you is a sign, a connection to it, the reaction of the earth itself.

Your spirit, and that of the great spirit are directly tied to it. When negativity is projected at others, what reaction do you get back? When motives are unethical, what kind of reaction do you get? When you destroy the earth, what kind of reaction takes place? Unkindness? Lack of love? Destruction? Darkness? A battle? Spiritual battles?

In the same way, when this kind of chaos goes on between human beings in the world, and against the earth, walking away from the great spirit and wisdom, the overall mood and spirit of this imbalance and negativity effects everything, you, others, even the earth.

This is why in the movie below explains "those who are not connected to the spirit may not survive". No one knows what will happen in time, yet ignoring the signs and prophesies constitutes spiritual blindness to these possibilities. If you are connected, awakened, you will most likely see what is happening in spirit around you, with eyes open, and able to counter it in some way.

A change in time, spirit, and earth for the better can be healed. The secret is in learning of your spiritual connection and awakening to them, relearning, feeling it, embracing it, then projecting that positive energy from your connection to the spirit through you, then back into your environment to change it for the better.

This is the great spirits way of waking you up, it lets man spiral out of control until they have had enough of their own self inflicted punishments. Is this not self evident to you what is happening? It's saying wake up, I am here, come back to me, council with me, break bread with me, drink wine with me, then behold and be comforted under my glory.

Things will be set right, it depends on how much man wishes to suffer unto themselves, before they change their minds, do what's right, fight back against the darkness, their greed, and begin to heal the fissures formed over time.

Science can explain a lot in the world, for every action there is a reaction, but where science can not go outside of the world, is the same not true?


~ William Wooding ~ ©

Time, Spirit, Earth


The Secret Place

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

Have you looked for, have you found that secret place?


~ The Bridge Home ~

Kildare - Japanese Gardens Bridge of Life (Joseph Mischyshyn) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Wind mingles on invisible wings,
Takes flight into the shifting soul , adrift,
Mixed, returned, flows, breathe in again,
Conscious format from a man that knows,
The secret that hides in the mist of old.

Unseen hand that guides the day,
Left to them to find their way,
Where paths collide and nature runs,
Yet a cold hearted orb burns,
Returning nothing to the sun.

In the quiet stillness is where it is found,
Separate, yet together the one abounds,
Through sound, sanctuary, and heart,
Where dark and light battles the day,
Cracks form from seeds born,
Across the divided damp earth,
Life finally reaches with trust,
From the life giving life giver,
Hidden behind the shroud,
Light, earth, water,
The one.

~ William Wooding ~ ©