Happy New Year!

Well folks, it's been a long year for some of us, and one many of us don't wish to remember. I will tell you that even though I personally have had my ups and downs, more than I would like, I have learned a great deal about myself and will not look back on this year as a negative. The personal lessons I have learned, have made me a stronger person, and more determined than ever to enjoy and transform my life for the better.

I hope that many of you who have had rough times this past year can at least put it to rest with positive knowledge to add to your lives, and move forward wiser into 2010.

I want to thank all my readers, and followers and extend my hand to them. My future business dealings will be on the up and up this new year, and I hope yours too will transform into
your hopes and aspirations for success in whatever you do.

So I bid farewell to 2009, and welcome in the new year 2010, may all your dreams come true this year unto a brighter future.

In closing I will leave you with this, Happy New Year all!

I leave behind,
To make a way,
For peaceful mind.

Leave behind things that bind,
Leave behind things that blind,
Leave behind things unkind.

Release is what you will find,
Brings renewal to your mind,
It breaks your chains that bind.

Bring in new light,
Bring in fresh love,
Bring in new sight,
Refill your soul from above!


~ Thanksgiving ~

Thank all the people in your life,
That bring you joy and ignites your light.

Thank those who are well-meaning,
That keeps your spirit dreaming.

Thank those that are kind,
That gives you a peaceful mind.

Thank those that make you laugh,
That gives you a smile and a happy path.

Thank those that gave you support in times of trouble,
They are true friends who are like your double.

Give thanks to all this Thanksgiving day,
That helped you along your path,
And brightened your days. ©

~ Lake of Dreams ~

Looking into your lake of dreams,
Not knowing where they are or what they mean,
Striving towards what you perceive,
Perhaps you may be wrong in what you see,
Try stirring the waters once in a while,
To get a different perspective that gives you a smile,
Look at each ripple to where it leads,
With you at the center of your dreams,
Follow a ripple to find a path,
If it doesn't work come right back,
Try another until you succeed,
Then start your journey on your ripple into your lake of dreams. ©


~ Search ~

Look in your mind,
For a change in time,
When things are better,
And you feel light as a feather,
Things can change,
If you give them time,
Let your hopes rise,
And stress unwind,
Things go on we cannot see,
To help make an eternity,
Hard at first,
For we thirst,
We fear the worst,
But there is nothing to fear.

Look ahead to what could be,
It will bring that eternity,
Faith in it is what you need,
Struggle now for what you want to be,
Deep inside must buy your time,
Until what seems impossible,
Becomes possible,
With a change of heart and mind,
Patience you will find,
Opens eyes that were blind. ©


~ Gift ~

It's a joy to watch someone who's free,
To reach new hights that comforts me,
Give them wings to fly high as they can,
Give them knowledge if you can,
Give them hope to keep them right,
Like a moth to a light,
Share their hopes and dreams to inspire their life,
Lift them up to give them might,
To do it and get nothing in return,
Is hard to do without getting burned,
Love and encouragememt is a gift they earn,
Support is really a key,
A gift to them from me. ©


Art, Love and Sex

 Many poets and artists have feelings for deep passion and desire inside them, it can be manifested into their art and their relationships under the right circumstances. Artists over the centuries have created many erotic artistic pieces, and have many stories of love and relationships behind them.

 Most artists have usually always been a heavy romantic, with the desire to manifest and give to their art and love relationships what they feel deeply inside them. It can depend on the right partner though sometimes, and how they will fully extract this little jewel out of the artist to get them fired up. Call it artistic foreplay, he-he.

 But once it starts rolling, heavy passion can manifest itself out of the artist's nature and make for some wild times in art and love. The artist seems to be attracted to positive emotions, and to enjoy the pairing of love and sex more than just sex, but not always. Sex is some what unemotional, love and sex goes hand in hand for some artistic minds, it's the overall emotional sensual expieriences that help drive there inner desires, soul, and emotions that eventually comes out in their art forms to create beautiful things.

~ Passion Song ~


~ Today is what Counts ~

When you make an old door into a new door,
Memories lost don't matter anymore,
Today is a day to make them new,
Start by giving what you can to the few,
Making others happy with self sacrifice,
Brings happiness that should not think twice,
Onward into a new dimension,
Today is the day to make a positive action,
The future holds what we can not see,
Do what you can today to make the old into a new memory,
Today is the day that your actions count,
To make a difference instead of doubt,
Today changes the past and present they mean nothing anymore,
Today is the day to open that door,
It changes your future for ever more,
But choose wisely for the choice is the fall,
That will cause you to hamper it all,
And once you choose a positive way,
Things can get on to a brighter day.©


You are a work of Art

Yes that's right, each individual person in this world is a work of art, you have your own special qualities, uniqueness and character. You each have your own mind, thoughts and your own way of thinking. Everyone is capable of showing their qualities to the outer world if they set their mind to it with directed determination.

We all have to find our place in this world, and it happens through interactions with each other. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle, one person or group of people will complement others qualities or unique abilities, this makes new doors open, new paths open, new business ventures open up, etc.

Ultimately we need each other's unique qualities to make life and collective society work as a well-oiled machine. The machine starts to break down when society breaks down due to classes that over power one or the other. There needs to be balance of some kind to keep the machine running, to keep society from becoming stagnant, the concentration on how to get it moving again sometimes needs to be directed at the class that is getting the least.

When this class is helped out, it will generate more wealth because they are now happier and stable, with jobs and money to spend, that in turn creates more wealth for the higher classes, then the machine we call society can start to move again. The question is, how to find a place for this class?

Well they have their own talents, small and large business can drive these talents, perhaps its time for governments and large businesses of the world to invest in this, to dramatically ease the current small business owners tax burdens, and to help the less privileged open new ones. Sometimes the smallest cog in the wheel is all that needs to be greased to get the machine moving again!

Then the less fortunate individuals in the world can join in the collective and show their unique talents to better society as a whole.


Art, Earth, and the Color of Beauty

The earth is a natural landscape full of rich colors and beauty. Perhaps this is why so many come to its aid to defend it against human intrusion.

The natural environment you live in is a thing to be cherished loved and observed for what it is. It has been the very source of poems, paintings, photographs, etc. across the centuries that portray its wonderment, vibrant colors, and dynamic environment.

Artists of all kinds are simply in love with what it has to offer, it is the life force that feeds the soul and offers a getaway from their everyday lives and tedious routines. Without it they would feel sterile inside with no wonderment to be yet discovered or uncovered. People must learn to coincide with the earth and preserve its nature for the future, and for their children. Some type of balance must be found so they can co exist, or they will wind up destroying the earth and themselves.

How often these days do you look beyond your house home and daily routines to notice nature and the colors and beauty it offers you on a daily basis? Do you tend to get stuck dwelling on your life routines and fade out anything else in the background that ultimately may give you much more pleasure and relaxation to your inner being? Take a timeout from your day and look around at what is not artificial for a few minutes, and meditate on the beauty and colors that nature and the earth is showing you without reserve.

Sit by the water, go for a walk in the woods, the mountains, wherever you can escape life's dramas for a while, be quiet and observe. You will find a tranquility and peacefulness come over you. You will then begin to appreciate and love more what earth and nature has to offer in your life, other than a stale existence within it.


Poetry, art, and spirituality

Poets and other artists seem to have an inner sense of the spiritual and soul. They have an innate ability to sense something larger than life and connect to it in an artistic manner. They simply feel what some people ignore, and it manifests outwardly through their art. There were many artists from the past and present that used spirituality and emotion to manifest their art, some quite famous artists produced beautiful pieces in literature, paintings, music, sculptures, etc.

The point is that emotion, spirituality, seeing and feeling something bigger than they are, brings about a channeling of this energy to manifest beautiful things though their works, it is a learning process for some, but with practice can have great results. Time needs to be set aside for thinking about things bigger than you and life, then attempted to be put forth into the world from those thoughts into your art, then you will see talents transform into beautiful individualistic pieces of art.

If your thinking of giving some type of art a try, don't neglect to take time in your life to meditate, search, and connect to that which is larger than you and me, absorb and feel what it is telling you, it will help you greatly to be in tune with your artistic talents.

~ Higher Being ~


Poetic Art, Lyrics, and Music

We all love music, but do we really recognize the poetic lyrics merging with the music that has an effect on us? Two art forms in one set to rhythm words and sound.

We all had those days of hearing a great song that we all loved, with meaningful words set to it and just had to sing along, but how does it affect you? Depends on the song right? Poetry and lyrics are one and same, the lyrics set to the music requires precise editing of the poem to implement it properly into the song. The poem is then broken down and merged into the music to work for the singer and match the music's rhythm and or intention at key spots to bring about the completed song, and its emotional intent.

When a song is put together well, the lyrics will help reinforce and project the mood and backbone of the song, and project that mood onto the listener. This is another example of blended art, targeting a mood and the emotions of an audience. Depending on the song and how well it was written, it can bring about a multitude of different emotions that can make you want to dance with glee, to joy, sadness, peacefulness, etc. The two arts simply work well together to the desired emotional intent, to make us feel what the artist wants us to feel.

Now if we could only get governments to work together well, imagine what we could accomplish. ;-)


The Advertising Industry and Poetic Art

There are many uses for poetic literature and other arts in the advertising market.

Many companies don't realize the full impact poetic literature and other arts can have towards large companies, that are reliant on good advertisement towards the public to attract attention and sell their goods. Many ads are bland and unemotional, this is a mistake. However, many companies do use emotion and senses to their advantage and provide affective ads.

A poet has a real sense of emotions used in his poetry and incorporates them to tell the story to affect the public and touch their emotions to the best of his ability. A good poem will usually touch the public in a way that appeals to their six senses and emotions in one way or another through words.

Other art such as pictures, movie footage, actors, music, can also be used in coordination to enhance this. A combination is most effective such as multimedia, but it must be coordinated and put together well. If you think hard about this, you can see the potential to reach more customers by entertaining and appealing to their emotions and senses. Think Fung Shui for your ads!

Which ad makes you FEEL! more like taking a trip to Hawaii?


Poetic Art

This is a journey into poetic art.

You will find that the source of all the worlds greatest masterpieces ever made come from within, using your emotions and passion and how they are expressed, this includes all the arts.

The most famous artists of all kinds, whether they be movie stars, musicians, poets, painters, sculptures, etc. maximized their experiences, passions, and emotions from within, and learned how to express them outwardly to create some of the worlds greatest works of art.

As a side benefit, this can also be used to heal yourself emotionally, whether you have been through a death of a friend, or in the family, a lost love, scarred by war, etc.

By internalizing emotional pain instead of numbing it out to the back of your mind, you can then expel it out through your art and create amazing things, and sooth your emotions at the same time. This is the negative aspect turned into expression and healing.The key to turn suffering into joy is to give it a purpose.

The positive expression is the passions and emotions most enjoyable in life, love, children, family, nature, humor, etc. These experiences can also be used in the same way to create great works. The positive aspect.

It does all seem to come down to life's experiences though, passion for what you do, your emotions, and that which makes you up as an individual, your soul, and your deepest thoughts. It becomes a journey into yourself and world, expressed outwardly into the world to be shared with others.


~ Passion Song ~

The passion within grows in the night,
heavy breath on sensual touch,
is the force that creates its blush.

Onward it engages thrust,
A love entanglement that it must,
Behave with restraint to build the passion,
Colors, lightning, explode in fashion,
Onward it moves for its soul desire,
To make it's partner fill with fire,
Increasing it's pace with rhythmic song,
It wavers not to whom it belongs,
Pushing, pumping its rhythm increases,
With engorgement filling the creases,
As the tempo grows, and the entanglement thrashes,
The fire it desires fills with flashes,
Sweat, friction, legs flay,
Moaning sounds in disarray.

Slow and fast the rhythm continues,
Heat and passion has no venues,
The song it produces as the passion explodes,
The end of its tempo has found its goal,
Passion song has filled its soul. ©

~ Light ~

Touching his consciousness on the sun,
Out here he can out run the universal one,
He sets the pace for faster travel,
Outer space is where light unravels.
Passing planets with yellow hues,
Oranges, reds, and some blues,
Through the stardust the time traveler flies,
Solar systems shining in his eyes.

Streaking faster than comets can go,
In the dark wilderness light will glow,
Filling the void with twinkling stars,
Lighting worlds like Mercury and Mars,
Passing galaxies with its smiling gaze,
Through the nebula lighting its gassious haze,
Around astroid fields the likes that have never been seen,
Avoiding black holes that feed on his being.

If we could all only be like light,
Everything would be alright,
All the dark corners of our lives would fill,
Replaced with brightness that transforms our will,
Pure energy to do what's right,
Fix earthly problems and end our fights,
Carry us all on to a higher cause,
For a moment we should stop and pause,
Think what brightness would bring to our world,
A smile to every boy and girl,
Every creature and everything green,
Light can bring us all new meaning. ©


~ Seeds of Rebirth ~

With life's long glances we peer into an empty past to find a road made of glass, brittle it was, but all was tested, on the hopes and dreams of the ones we rested...

Broken is the road, but stronger is the path, I reap my strength from forgotten dreams, to build my strength into the Autumn renewal, knowing where pastures are greener even amongst the dead leaves...

I plant a new seed that will not lie dormant until the new spring, all the while it lies there, it gains strength day after day, even though ice- cold frostiness bites at it from all sides that tries to destroy it, it painfully laughs...

It strengthens through time to be reborn under a new sun, its life force will be unstoppable unto a new day and beginning...

It will explode into a giant that has been unleashed, for it was tired of its undeserved shelled imprisonment, waiting to be nurtured by kinder rays of warmth, so it reaches for a new different ray that it found to give it its deserved life force, like it patiently gave during it's long wait...

and respond it will, to make a road of gold not glass that will not be shattered, but only can be dented...

and it will shine until the end of its days to become what and who it was meant for, all the while the new smiling ray and nurturing soil supports it's growth to infinity. ©

~ Higher Being ~

Looking for a higher cause,
Why we are here we often pause,
Looking for puzzles to life,
What is it that brightens our lite,
Where do we all belong,
What choices to make to correct what's wrong,
Why is it never clear,
Well it's simple don't fear,
Without wondering you would never search,
And without searching you would never find,
The answer to the riddle asked by all man kind,
And without finding you would never learn,
And without asking you fall and burn,
Faith is the energy,
Searching is the key,
Believing is the first step,
To see things unseen,
Answers that lie on life's movie screen,
To a question of higher being. ©


~ Spectrum Battle ~

They fight
Along the way
Through time ©



Hope waits for those who take it,
Has patience to see it make it,
Hold it carefully in your heart,
Caress it like a baby in your arms,
Keep it in the back of your mind,
As day to day unwinds,
For in a future time,
Hope will transform and you will find,
What you hoped for if you are kind,
And patiently let it unwind in time,
While keeping it determinedly in your mind.©


~ Ghost Rider ~

Skull ablaze is his craze,
Riding high on metal machine,
Searching for those to send back to hell,
His eyes are his only means,
His love for another is his goal,
One he can't touch with his fiery soul.

Seeking a way to end his lot,
He rides through time blazing hot,
Destroying the damned on the spot,
His journey never ending.

Riding on a steal cycle frame,
Burning desire is his name to fame,
If you are evil in what you do,
Ghost Rider will be coming for you.

~William Wooding~  ©

Based on the Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider


~ Highest Kind ~

The highest love gives all it has found,
Timeless in its teaching to show,
Patiently keeping its inner glow,
Yet gently releasing it from its hold,
Never gives up with all its might,
Grows in those who embrace its light,
Like a child in its mothers arms sleeping in the night.

Wisdom and patience attracts the mind,
Blended with intimacy, beauty, and positive emotions,
Love makes for the highest kind,
One that transcends all knowledge,
One that does not fail because of life's follies,
One that many search for but never understand,
The higher meaning that goes hand in hand,
A piercing love that holds lightly yet surrounds,
Whom many think they know,
But have never really found.

To experience it with another who has found this light,
Rare is it found where two share the sight,
Many hold up emotional walls that never come down,
If they could just let them go, dissolve them, all around,
The highest experience could then be found,
When two grow together love transcends all bounds.

~William Wooding~ ©


~ Wild Turk ~

Drunken man with no place to go,
walked through a field and tripped over a hoe,
got back up and said why me,
as he opened his fly and took a pee,
wiped the dirt off his shirt,
as he took a shot of Wild Turk,
off he stumbled for another try,
to get across the field to his house near bye.

He came to a scarecrow whose limbs tangled his hair,
his temper began to flare,
he thought he was under attack,
he began to fight the scarecrow back,
when he was done beating it to stuffing,
he realized it was nothing.

He yelled at the scarecrow don't do that,
as he fell onto his back,
he drank another shot of Wild Turk,
took out a smoke and lit his shirt,
he jumped up and danced around,
fell into a ditch and rolled on the ground,
he yelled out again why me,
unzipped his fly and took another pee.

Off he stumbled to the front door,
opened it up and wobbled across the floor,
crawled up the stairs,
as he pushed back his hair,
to the bedroom was his only care,
fell into bed and closed his eyes,
when a light came on to his surprise.

He heard a voice say John this really isn't fair,
for the last time put down the Wild Turk and get out,
your house is over there. ©


~ Shape Shifter ~

In my mind
Across time
Across the world
Others see
A message
Just like me.

~William Wooding ~ ©


~ Chained ~

I can not speak,
Chained to a tree,
Closed branches stop me,
I can not express myself,
In a tangle of roots that were dealt,
So I remain silent until they unravel,
Until then can't move or travel,
Soon I will simply leave,
The entanglement behind me to be me,
And set myself free.

~ William Wooding~ ©