Poetry, art, and spirituality

Poets and other artists seem to have an inner sense of the spiritual and soul. They have an innate ability to sense something larger than life and connect to it in an artistic manner. They simply feel what some people ignore, and it manifests outwardly through their art. There were many artists from the past and present that used spirituality and emotion to manifest their art, some quite famous artists produced beautiful pieces in literature, paintings, music, sculptures, etc.

The point is that emotion, spirituality, seeing and feeling something bigger than they are, brings about a channeling of this energy to manifest beautiful things though their works, it is a learning process for some, but with practice can have great results. Time needs to be set aside for thinking about things bigger than you and life, then attempted to be put forth into the world from those thoughts into your art, then you will see talents transform into beautiful individualistic pieces of art.

If your thinking of giving some type of art a try, don't neglect to take time in your life to meditate, search, and connect to that which is larger than you and me, absorb and feel what it is telling you, it will help you greatly to be in tune with your artistic talents.

~ Higher Being ~

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