~ Cryptic da Vinci Code ~

Crescent moon and eclipsed faces,
Shades of color fills cracks and traces,
Across divides eyes wide in windowed spaces,
A painting meets prophesies in man's future races.

Under a bridge he hides the numbers hidden in hues,
A Reference to futures from him to you,
Decoded from past it points to clues,
Waters rise when seals break,
Revelations 7:2

In the background to her right, waters calm,
In the background to her left, waters high,
In the center, a spiritual smile plays,
That keeps it at bay.

She's turned to the right just as da Vinci painted her,
Waiting for one to crack the code that waits in her,
For as long as man's kindness keeps a smile in place on her,
The human connection in spirit, emotions, nature, and a higher grace in her,
The calm, peaceful, watery part of the painting placed by her,
Will the left side be kept from rising to destructive waves,
Disaster by inhumanity, suffering and pandemic pains,
A story of fallen man, turned away from spiritual planes.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

Evidence, references and study material:
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References to the number 72, water, the Bible:


References to the number 72, water, the Bible, happiness of man:

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