Writing Contest on BrightFuse

This was my first contest I have ever entered and I had lots of fun with it, and even learned a few things. Coming in first place in Lyrics, and honorable mention in poetry is a thrill. There are so many talented and deserving writers on BrightFuse.


Every one contributed very good poems and stories. I just want to say great job to all of you who entered, you all deserve applause!

Hope you enjoy the Lyrics! Hottest Of!


~ Valentines Day ~

Deep down below,
Lovers touch a warm glow,
Passions build with every glance,
Eyes gaze into souls that build romance,
Fires raise where friction plays,
A lovers entanglement in a heated blaze,
Devouring each other in a lovers maze,
Hearts beat to the rhythm of Valentines day.

Mind touches skin and soul touches passions,
Lovers move to various fashions,
Building a tempo that makes you blush,
Their passion is the fashion of a lovers touch,
Powerful tempo and erotic sounds,
Makes for music that has no bounds,
The lovers energy begins to surround,
Valentines day and the heart beat pounds.

Energy raises as the two touch,
Lips touch skin where they must,
Soul touches soul in their heated passion,
Body touches body in any fashion,
Heat and friction drips with sweat,
The lovers move where body and soul have met,
Winding down the lovers play,
Their passionate roles on Valentines day. ©


Finding Faith

Have you ever looked up at the stars at night and wondered in amazement at how vast the universe really is, even though you cannot see it all with the naked eye, you just know there is more to it intuitvely. Even science has not discovered every corner or aspect there is to see with the most modern equipment to date. Before the invention of modern scientific equipment, scientists pondered and just knew there was more to the vastness to space, so they began to develop the tools to find it, faith?

So is faith in a higher consciousness and being also like this? Some just feel the presence of something more than themselves even though they cannot see it or explain it, they have the faith it is there. With self learning and introspection, or meditation this can become more self evident to you, you simply have to use the tools to find it, keeping faith.

Through faith, wondering, an open mind, and a deep yearning to really know the higher power, doors, signs, and opportunity begin to open to your mind's eye and life you thought never possible, just like a scientist uses modern equipment to see farther into space to discover what they only felt and thought was there to begin with.

If you just sit there and do little to nothing, and expect a sign, a revelation, do you really expect it to come to you? You have no faith. You must advance yourself with always questioning and wondering, with an inquisitiveness, searching mind, yet used with an instinctive feeling, faith that the answers and mystery are there for you to discover, you must meet it half way, then you will begin to understand that even though things unseen seem unreal or not possible, they are really there for you to discover if you use the right tools, to your amazement.

Good luck in your quest!

~ Higher Being ~


~ Awaken ~

Awakenings in your mind,
Realizations of love of a higher kind,
After much introspection and study of soul,
Your spirit awakens and shows you your goals,
An amazing transformation you never have known,
You never thought how it could be your own,
The spirit awakens in your mind's eye to show how you've grown.

It unbinds you, showing you love of a higher kind,
An unexplained energy that transforms your mind,
Healing power fills your emotions,
Flows through you like a great emotional ocean,
Filling darkness that needed to go,
Balancing mind, body, emotions, and soul,
Understanding now what was missing that is pure gold,
A treasure inside that conforms with destinies goals,
Have you found that higher consciousness of mind, body, emotions, and soul?

Sometimes we have to go through our pain,
Open up to our astral plane,
Give of ourselves selflessly to receive the gift,
Your reward will be grand it can heal your rift,
So you must journey into yourself,
To study yourself and begin to put yourself on a shelf,
Then you will realize you're not the only one,
Your mind will awaken and begin to run,
To a higher place that touches the sun. ©