~ Awaken ~

Awakenings in your mind,
Realizations of love of a higher kind,
After much introspection and study of soul,
Your spirit awakens and shows you your goals,
An amazing transformation you never have known,
You never thought how it could be your own,
The spirit awakens in your mind's eye to show how you've grown.

It unbinds you, showing you love of a higher kind,
An unexplained energy that transforms your mind,
Healing power fills your emotions,
Flows through you like a great emotional ocean,
Filling darkness that needed to go,
Balancing mind, body, emotions, and soul,
Understanding now what was missing that is pure gold,
A treasure inside that conforms with destinies goals,
Have you found that higher consciousness of mind, body, emotions, and soul?

Sometimes we have to go through our pain,
Open up to our astral plane,
Give of ourselves selflessly to receive the gift,
Your reward will be grand it can heal your rift,
So you must journey into yourself,
To study yourself and begin to put yourself on a shelf,
Then you will realize you're not the only one,
Your mind will awaken and begin to run,
To a higher place that touches the sun. ©

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