~ Valentines Day ~

Deep down below,
Lovers touch a warm glow,
Passions build with every glance,
Eyes gaze into souls that build romance,
Fires raise where friction plays,
A lovers entanglement in a heated blaze,
Devouring each other in a lovers maze,
Hearts beat to the rhythm of Valentines day.

Mind touches skin and soul touches passions,
Lovers move to various fashions,
Building a tempo that makes you blush,
Their passion is the fashion of a lovers touch,
Powerful tempo and erotic sounds,
Makes for music that has no bounds,
The lovers energy begins to surround,
Valentines day and the heart beat pounds.

Energy raises as the two touch,
Lips touch skin where they must,
Soul touches soul in their heated passion,
Body touches body in any fashion,
Heat and friction drips with sweat,
The lovers move where body and soul have met,
Winding down the lovers play,
Their passionate roles on Valentines day. ©

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