~ Returning Gaze ~

The eye is the window to the soul,
Love stares back, not away, passions reciprocate between two and unfolds,
Lovers combine in wonder and spirit, joined in tomorrows play,
Prospering, evolving, making love, they don't fear it,
They draw near to it.

Blowing into each others hearts and minds with fresh flowing passionate winds,
Bodies begin to entwine, mesh, walls fall broken, lips seal the secret whispers with grins,
Mystic muse, joins the two, capturing life force sight, moonlit nights, twinkling's,
Stares reach,
For whom shall return such a stare but one who returns passion?
With transparent sight, spirit, and feelings without ration.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


~ Magical Winds ~

Spiritual winds dance between the bond as love flows,
The moving sea fills each other's cup between the shores of their souls under moonlit nights,
Hearts blend, yet not too near, time left alone, fantasy and dreams grow to become clear,
The attraction founded by destiny, time under sparkling stars and mist, a first kiss,
To depths only the sweet smell of mother nature knows,
When love finds the other soul, it moves close but travels slow,
The four winds move them together as the heart beats grow,
Aching to touch from across the room,
Hearts begin to dance, flower and bloom.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Message from the Spirit

As I contemplate the meaning of this time of year as many, I also contemplate the meaning of the figure head behind it. As we go through our lives, and our contact with the people in our outside world, all around us, we tend to look at them by first impressions, judgments and appearances.

What we don't really take a look at is what is on the inside, the uniqueness, the qualities, the struggles, the spiritual and soul ties to your life, that you and many others share from all walks of life. The gifts they deliver to you, and you to them, sometimes without even knowing what they are or mean.

Imagine the time of Christ when he was being judged while doing his good deeds for others, those who where afraid of him, afraid of his power, incite, and spirit. Those who were afraid of loosing their control over the people who knew him. And so they judged him unjustly. What he brought to them from the spirit was selflessness, sacrifice, healing, forgiveness, and divine love. His mission  for those who were lost, was to see, to see this spirit, to reveal it to them slowly, patiently, quietly, steadily, to awaken thier minds to the divine as he took the blows, the judgment, the undeserved punishments, and all the sins of man upon himself.

Contemplate what that must have been like if you were in those shoes, the strength required, to take that upon ones self, that sacrifice, struggle, judgment, all that pain, inside and out while having the weight of the world upon you trying to stop you, and yet go on and continue to teach and offer forgiveness, in hopes of gathering those who would "get it", and understand the message.

To know divine nature, is to look upon the inside, not just the figure head on the outside. He did it out of divine love, to give those a chance to to see it and accept it who wanted it. To really get his message, and deliver it straight to their hearts and minds, to understand what he did for them, so that they would not have to continue to endure the pains, the sins, the suffering the world can create through human indecency and interaction that wounded their souls and minds starting from their births. So he came as a promise to release it after death, not by people simply accepting just the figure, the religion, but the message through the spirit.

Divine nature gives you the ability to forgive those who did wrong to you, and you to them. To continue to walk forward healed, with a fresh spirit and heart, and leave the blackness behind, with growth, understanding, and more life wisdom than before. It is a hard thing for human nature to learn to forgive when terrible things are done. To hold it all in, not allowing it to heal in your spirit over time, only wounds yourselves deeper, caging you, afraid.

So I ask you, not to just think about your family gatherings, your food, your drinks, the commercial aspects, not even just the religion, word or the person. Rather think of the spirit and the message from the divine love and nature that was given to you unconditionally. Think about what was taken upon him from birth to death, the shoes he walked in, and what he had to endure that came from the spirit and the message, to help you see, and to set you free. Understanding the root of the divine message.


William Wooding


Spiritual Ties

Half  in the spirit, half in the clouds,
Balancing, knowing what's behind the shroud,
Grateful for the gift, a gift seldom seen,
Knowing the events, study of life force readings,
Spiritual ties that see, connections to life's streams,
The energy releases thought, through analytic means.

The mystery inside, frees spiritual site,
Buried deep inside, I step into my light,
Contemplating paths, intuition's assistance,
Deep into the night, transformed through time and distance,
Energy through the hand, that controls natures winds of instance.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

Magical Moments

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It is rare for a Lunar Eclipse to fall on the Solstice. It last happened in 1638 and again, in 1703. There was a partial eclipse as recently as December 21, 1991. Did the world change after any of those alignments? Not immediately, not obviously. But what's much harder to quantify, because history has no way to record it, is how many people changed their minds about crucial matters, how many hearts were touched, how many magic moments were experienced. The whole time between now and the Solar Eclipse on January 4, is due to be exceptionally magical.

Magic is coming, it may have been a struggle within for many, an external struggle for others, or both. Think about what needs to change, and let it change for the better in your future. The time is ripe to get serious about what it is, what you really need and want deep down, and what needs to change.

So what were your experiences this year, your struggles? What is it in you that needs to change for the better, to allow fulfilment and the reception of the spirits gifts to begin?
Peace and good wishes!
William Wooding


Mind Over Matter?

Since it has been a little over a year that I have started writing, I would like to take a moment to tell you more about me and what this blog has evolved into. I consider this years ending, as an anniversary of sorts for this blog.

I have been working on this site for a little over a year now, it may seem typical, ordinary, but I am going to reveal to you much more than you may realize. Most of my writings and artist works are divinely driven, in other words they did not exactly come from myself, but from the universal energy I absorbed, then projected back into my work.

For over a year I have been slowly recognizing that the connection to the divine, the universal energy, can be slowly learned and re connected to, if you pay attention to it. When it's tapped into, especially through creativity, produces inspired results, not from just the mind, but through the spirit and soul. Once you learn, and have seen this, experienced it, your creativity will expand into realms you could not imagine from when you first started.

To learn to rest in it, flow with that energy when it comes, like a beautiful piece of music that sends the shivers up your spine, this is the energy flowing into you, it inspires you. If you absorb it, then release it, it drives you to write, to paint, to create, to invent, to imagine. Its resources are endless, and amazing.

I have taken it a step farther than just art and poetry, and created a learning experience out of this entire blog while going along my own path, and used it to teach you through my poetry, articles, videos. I used it to help you get in tune with that source, to enhance your intimacy, your love, your relations, your artistry, your emotions, nature, and most importantly to show your connection to creation. Everything around you, the air, the trees, the animals, people, the earth and space, love, life, holds energy. To be still in ourselves and observe, meditate and fill ourselves again with these sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, create the link back to you.

We are so absorbed in our human created jungle, our TVs, our problems, our daily jobs, and wrapped up in ourselves and egos that we forget where all our direction and energy comes from. We become detached from it, relying on self. To re awaken to the energy, is almost a lost art in itself. There are many religious factions that know a part of this secret. The energy can be used in many ways, healing, the arts, teaching, inventing, what the martial artists call chi.

Energy absorbed from the surroundings, and channeled through the soul body and spirit, enhances the mind, our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions and well-being, and effects those around us. Each one of you has your own special ability, it could take some a long time to find it, or a short time, and to learn what your purpose is, become aware of it and how to use it in this world.
Have you ever noticed when the people in the world are in turmoil, or projecting unhappiness and negativity, the world itself physically seems to show signs of turmoil and negative events, like more volcanoes going off, and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Many will argue that these are caused by the sun, stars moon, or other natural or man-made occurrences, and to some degree they are correct, but isn't it a force or projected energy in action? Go back in history when major events occurred in human history, and see if there is any correlation to what I just told you. Is it the force effecting the people, or the people effecting the force?

Where negative energy is being released, it affects that time in history and the world negatively. When people find their way back to peace in themselves, balance, positivity, reconnect to their faiths, positive emotions, and treat each other like human beings again, the world seems to magically re balance itself. This is the struggle, within ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our interaction with others, our spirit and soul, our love, the world.

So I wish to bring you this message this holiday season, and for you to look back on all the turmoils that have gone on with you, the people you know, and those you don't know in the world. As an em-path I feel these vibrations, and I feel the negativity is slowly coming to an end of a period and cycle in time for now, but the struggle isn't over. The whole world won't start holding hands, but it can come back to a degree of balance.
Turn your minds from the negative banter projected in the world this holiday, and into the new year. Change your minds and be glad for what you have and who you are, even in your hardships, learn to interact with the divine energy, ask and trust in it to give you what you need, then project that back into the world, your work, your interactions, pay careful attention, then observe it and watch it change over time, and learn from the experience.

I know there is someone out there in the world who has read my blog, and it has changed them, taught them, helped them, or effected them in some way. The extreme amount of energy I have absorbed, used, and projected back into my work, is my gift over the years, to those it helped, made them think, or enlightened.

Still skeptical? Parapsychology, Psychics, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The CIA, Verified Healers, have used a form of this energy and through their gifts. I won't tell you what I can do, just what I know within. Now think again, and try to bend your mind around the possibility of what I have said.

Peace and Happy Holidays

William Wooding


As the holidays get closer, I would like to take a moment to ring in the good cheer and brighten your spirit. Remember, that whether you are with someone or not, you can concentrate on your soul and spirit, and what the holidays bring. The spirit resides within us, in everything, and all around us, absorb it, soak in the love from the air, and put a smile on your face.

William Wooding  ©


Geminid meteor shower

Tonight and tomorrow, Dec. 13th and 14th is the height of the Geminid meteor shower. The radiant point rises in the east in mid-evening. It's highest around 2 a.m. Best views will be in a dark sky, after moon set. North America will be well placed for the peak.

There is nothing worth more then having the one you love by your side and witnessing such events. Makes for a perfect romantic evening,  followed with a little passion. If your into staying up late, and you happen to have some clear sky's around this time, make some plans with that special someone and enjoy the moment, it's what life's all about. If you are unable to view it because of the weather in your area, don't let that slow you down, the event of the shower is reason enough for the passion alone.

William Wooding


Get Some

I have recently brought you down a road to show you a way to release your inhibitions,  to face your emotional fears and frailties,  show you a way to move on from past traumatic events, or fears, that block your potential creativity, your sensuality, to be able to feel your fullest again.

Freeing our minds of all toxic past events in our lives, frees our spirit and soul, to venture forward without inhibitions, to create better relationships and better lives.

To face your emotions in all forms, go through the fire so to speak, and begin to accept and fill yourselves with all the big love the universe wants you to have, transforms you, and enables you to return it uninhibited. As a byproduct, that positive support and love you give along with receiving it, rockets your creativity to its highest levels, because your emotional, physical, and sexual health are now in tune.

You all deserve a return on your investment of love and respect for others, burn down any toxicity you expel in your life, walls you have erected or inhibitions, and replace it with a bigger love, and then begin to watch and experience unimaginable heights.  Learn how to find that connection with your mate, spiritually, sensually, intimately through  your souls.

Neglect it, repel it, it flies away like the wind.


William Wooding


Poetry, Blended Art, The senses

Continued series of combined poetic art:

Combining Poetry into other art forms involving all the senses, or many of them, is rarely done, except when turned to lyrics in songs and sung out loud, not necessarily pure poetry, but singing or rapping a  poem or rhyme, another form of blended art. The concept of combining other art forms with poetry, to reach an audiences senses, reaching their attention and emotions through the senses, and having it touch them, is an advanced art form, and difficult to combine without singing it. As an example I made a video about Tantra love, a connection to its spiritual energy, and its human course. Raw spiritual creativity through combined art, and involvement of the senses.

In this concept I have used the art of Tantra, Mood Music, Imagry, Sound, Media Film, and Poetry, to affect the senses.

Do you find combining the arts with poetry more absorbing and advanced, when involving the senses?

~ William Wooding ~ ©


The economies emotional and mental well-being

The children of tomorrow have dream's, hopes, and goals that may not be fully realized or supported if detailed planning and structures are not set in place. The feeling of helplessness lies in today's world and economy for many to move forward, but there is always a way.

Bringing attention to these needs and planning should be a priority today, not tomorrow. Literature, poetry, and the arts are key factors that help stimulate today's economy, social expansion, and the future outlook for the economy and the children of tomorrow, they are tied to its growth, and even its health. These and other similar areas in our countries economic recovery, are critical in helping to bring future prosperity to all of you.

A healthy recovery requires new vision and ways of rebuilding, where it failed in the past, the old ways are dead. Restructuring what is important in society, in these areas, can breathe fresh air back into society and its economic mental health and recovery. Lets point out a key area.

Poetry literature and the arts, can be used as healing processes for the mental health and economic stimulus of its citizens. They emotionally and mentally stabilize the helplessness, turmoil, and spiritual aspect of its people, and by change of these for the better, affect you economically.

People have been pulled through the mud in many areas since the economy declined. Poetry literature and the arts brings healing, relief, joy, hope, and positive creativity back to the people, and the economies growth. When its programs are cut, and seen as less important at key times in societies turmoil, there is less positive influences to balance the negativity in the economy. People are tired and want relief, growth and prosperity. Poetry literature and the arts is a medicine, that brings positive influences back to the economy and societies mental and emotional well being. It should not be ignored, nor programs squashed.

Creativity, is a key that is tied to growth in all aspects of the economy. It brings fresh ideas, perspectives and healing where it is broken. Poetry literature and the arts are partial foundations for this, that can introduce creative fresh ideas toward business and economic growth.

It all starts with your children, evaluating economic priorities for future growth and stimulus, and the positive creative change to start rebuilding tomorrows future and goals. Think about that for a moment, what kinds of medicine do we need in society to feed this countries positive outlook as a whole, to help remove the negative influences and rhetoric slowing us down? The country should always look to this vision for the future.

Artisan recovery act any one?

~ William Wooding ~ ©

The importance of poetry, the arts, and the underpriveleged.

There are people in your city, among you in the crowd, or on a street corner, with incredible talents waiting to be discovered. They are that child or adult without a home, they make little to pay their bills, the obscure ones, the ones without the means to rise up beyond themselves to be known, because of their dilemmas or profession. They could be the next Shakespeare, Van Gogh, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sitting in a bus station playing guitar, or reading poetry out loud on a downtown corner you throw spare change at.

The fact is very little funding is available to these underprivileged individuals, it mainly goes to larger organizations and schools, and the educated. What a shame, considering what might be missed, what masterpieces might be waiting to be uncovered. There are some programs available, but how far will they go to help some of these underprivileged artisans and poets, and give them a place in society?

If you have an old painting on your wall, or a book of poetry, whether it's worth $100,000, or $10.00, look at it and think about the artist behind those works, instead of just the creation you enjoy. Did you know most artists and poets through out history were poor? Many made very little off of all their hard work and intellect, until they were deceased, ironic.

Most artisans and poets will tell you, they do it not for the money, but for their own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of others. To a degree that is mostly true, but they still feel they should achieve a living of some kind for all their intellect that gets poured into their works.

Funding should be made more readily available for the underprivileged artisans and poets, to give them a hand up, to help them publish that book or create that next master piece. Think of what the world would be like if they disappeared. A lot of bare walls and book shelves in your home? It is happening as we speak.

A world without poetry and artisans would be very dull indeed. Does a doctor, or lawyer perform a service? Do they get paid well for the art form they produce? Time to recognize what poets and artisans are worth, not separate from the service and joy they produce.

Don't you think it's about time to help the next Shakespeare, Van Gogh, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sitting on the street corner in the rain?

~ William Wooding ~ ©