The economies emotional and mental well-being

The children of tomorrow have dream's, hopes, and goals that may not be fully realized or supported if detailed planning and structures are not set in place. The feeling of helplessness lies in today's world and economy for many to move forward, but there is always a way.

Bringing attention to these needs and planning should be a priority today, not tomorrow. Literature, poetry, and the arts are key factors that help stimulate today's economy, social expansion, and the future outlook for the economy and the children of tomorrow, they are tied to its growth, and even its health. These and other similar areas in our countries economic recovery, are critical in helping to bring future prosperity to all of you.

A healthy recovery requires new vision and ways of rebuilding, where it failed in the past, the old ways are dead. Restructuring what is important in society, in these areas, can breathe fresh air back into society and its economic mental health and recovery. Lets point out a key area.

Poetry literature and the arts, can be used as healing processes for the mental health and economic stimulus of its citizens. They emotionally and mentally stabilize the helplessness, turmoil, and spiritual aspect of its people, and by change of these for the better, affect you economically.

People have been pulled through the mud in many areas since the economy declined. Poetry literature and the arts brings healing, relief, joy, hope, and positive creativity back to the people, and the economies growth. When its programs are cut, and seen as less important at key times in societies turmoil, there is less positive influences to balance the negativity in the economy. People are tired and want relief, growth and prosperity. Poetry literature and the arts is a medicine, that brings positive influences back to the economy and societies mental and emotional well being. It should not be ignored, nor programs squashed.

Creativity, is a key that is tied to growth in all aspects of the economy. It brings fresh ideas, perspectives and healing where it is broken. Poetry literature and the arts are partial foundations for this, that can introduce creative fresh ideas toward business and economic growth.

It all starts with your children, evaluating economic priorities for future growth and stimulus, and the positive creative change to start rebuilding tomorrows future and goals. Think about that for a moment, what kinds of medicine do we need in society to feed this countries positive outlook as a whole, to help remove the negative influences and rhetoric slowing us down? The country should always look to this vision for the future.

Artisan recovery act any one?

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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