Mind Over Matter?

Since it has been a little over a year that I have started writing, I would like to take a moment to tell you more about me and what this blog has evolved into. I consider this years ending, as an anniversary of sorts for this blog.

I have been working on this site for a little over a year now, it may seem typical, ordinary, but I am going to reveal to you much more than you may realize. Most of my writings and artist works are divinely driven, in other words they did not exactly come from myself, but from the universal energy I absorbed, then projected back into my work.

For over a year I have been slowly recognizing that the connection to the divine, the universal energy, can be slowly learned and re connected to, if you pay attention to it. When it's tapped into, especially through creativity, produces inspired results, not from just the mind, but through the spirit and soul. Once you learn, and have seen this, experienced it, your creativity will expand into realms you could not imagine from when you first started.

To learn to rest in it, flow with that energy when it comes, like a beautiful piece of music that sends the shivers up your spine, this is the energy flowing into you, it inspires you. If you absorb it, then release it, it drives you to write, to paint, to create, to invent, to imagine. Its resources are endless, and amazing.

I have taken it a step farther than just art and poetry, and created a learning experience out of this entire blog while going along my own path, and used it to teach you through my poetry, articles, videos. I used it to help you get in tune with that source, to enhance your intimacy, your love, your relations, your artistry, your emotions, nature, and most importantly to show your connection to creation. Everything around you, the air, the trees, the animals, people, the earth and space, love, life, holds energy. To be still in ourselves and observe, meditate and fill ourselves again with these sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, create the link back to you.

We are so absorbed in our human created jungle, our TVs, our problems, our daily jobs, and wrapped up in ourselves and egos that we forget where all our direction and energy comes from. We become detached from it, relying on self. To re awaken to the energy, is almost a lost art in itself. There are many religious factions that know a part of this secret. The energy can be used in many ways, healing, the arts, teaching, inventing, what the martial artists call chi.

Energy absorbed from the surroundings, and channeled through the soul body and spirit, enhances the mind, our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions and well-being, and effects those around us. Each one of you has your own special ability, it could take some a long time to find it, or a short time, and to learn what your purpose is, become aware of it and how to use it in this world.
Have you ever noticed when the people in the world are in turmoil, or projecting unhappiness and negativity, the world itself physically seems to show signs of turmoil and negative events, like more volcanoes going off, and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Many will argue that these are caused by the sun, stars moon, or other natural or man-made occurrences, and to some degree they are correct, but isn't it a force or projected energy in action? Go back in history when major events occurred in human history, and see if there is any correlation to what I just told you. Is it the force effecting the people, or the people effecting the force?

Where negative energy is being released, it affects that time in history and the world negatively. When people find their way back to peace in themselves, balance, positivity, reconnect to their faiths, positive emotions, and treat each other like human beings again, the world seems to magically re balance itself. This is the struggle, within ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our interaction with others, our spirit and soul, our love, the world.

So I wish to bring you this message this holiday season, and for you to look back on all the turmoils that have gone on with you, the people you know, and those you don't know in the world. As an em-path I feel these vibrations, and I feel the negativity is slowly coming to an end of a period and cycle in time for now, but the struggle isn't over. The whole world won't start holding hands, but it can come back to a degree of balance.
Turn your minds from the negative banter projected in the world this holiday, and into the new year. Change your minds and be glad for what you have and who you are, even in your hardships, learn to interact with the divine energy, ask and trust in it to give you what you need, then project that back into the world, your work, your interactions, pay careful attention, then observe it and watch it change over time, and learn from the experience.

I know there is someone out there in the world who has read my blog, and it has changed them, taught them, helped them, or effected them in some way. The extreme amount of energy I have absorbed, used, and projected back into my work, is my gift over the years, to those it helped, made them think, or enlightened.

Still skeptical? Parapsychology, Psychics, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The CIA, Verified Healers, have used a form of this energy and through their gifts. I won't tell you what I can do, just what I know within. Now think again, and try to bend your mind around the possibility of what I have said.

Peace and Happy Holidays

William Wooding

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