Message from the Spirit

As I contemplate the meaning of this time of year as many, I also contemplate the meaning of the figure head behind it. As we go through our lives, and our contact with the people in our outside world, all around us, we tend to look at them by first impressions, judgments and appearances.

What we don't really take a look at is what is on the inside, the uniqueness, the qualities, the struggles, the spiritual and soul ties to your life, that you and many others share from all walks of life. The gifts they deliver to you, and you to them, sometimes without even knowing what they are or mean.

Imagine the time of Christ when he was being judged while doing his good deeds for others, those who where afraid of him, afraid of his power, incite, and spirit. Those who were afraid of loosing their control over the people who knew him. And so they judged him unjustly. What he brought to them from the spirit was selflessness, sacrifice, healing, forgiveness, and divine love. His mission  for those who were lost, was to see, to see this spirit, to reveal it to them slowly, patiently, quietly, steadily, to awaken thier minds to the divine as he took the blows, the judgment, the undeserved punishments, and all the sins of man upon himself.

Contemplate what that must have been like if you were in those shoes, the strength required, to take that upon ones self, that sacrifice, struggle, judgment, all that pain, inside and out while having the weight of the world upon you trying to stop you, and yet go on and continue to teach and offer forgiveness, in hopes of gathering those who would "get it", and understand the message.

To know divine nature, is to look upon the inside, not just the figure head on the outside. He did it out of divine love, to give those a chance to to see it and accept it who wanted it. To really get his message, and deliver it straight to their hearts and minds, to understand what he did for them, so that they would not have to continue to endure the pains, the sins, the suffering the world can create through human indecency and interaction that wounded their souls and minds starting from their births. So he came as a promise to release it after death, not by people simply accepting just the figure, the religion, but the message through the spirit.

Divine nature gives you the ability to forgive those who did wrong to you, and you to them. To continue to walk forward healed, with a fresh spirit and heart, and leave the blackness behind, with growth, understanding, and more life wisdom than before. It is a hard thing for human nature to learn to forgive when terrible things are done. To hold it all in, not allowing it to heal in your spirit over time, only wounds yourselves deeper, caging you, afraid.

So I ask you, not to just think about your family gatherings, your food, your drinks, the commercial aspects, not even just the religion, word or the person. Rather think of the spirit and the message from the divine love and nature that was given to you unconditionally. Think about what was taken upon him from birth to death, the shoes he walked in, and what he had to endure that came from the spirit and the message, to help you see, and to set you free. Understanding the root of the divine message.


William Wooding

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