Magical Moments

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It is rare for a Lunar Eclipse to fall on the Solstice. It last happened in 1638 and again, in 1703. There was a partial eclipse as recently as December 21, 1991. Did the world change after any of those alignments? Not immediately, not obviously. But what's much harder to quantify, because history has no way to record it, is how many people changed their minds about crucial matters, how many hearts were touched, how many magic moments were experienced. The whole time between now and the Solar Eclipse on January 4, is due to be exceptionally magical.

Magic is coming, it may have been a struggle within for many, an external struggle for others, or both. Think about what needs to change, and let it change for the better in your future. The time is ripe to get serious about what it is, what you really need and want deep down, and what needs to change.

So what were your experiences this year, your struggles? What is it in you that needs to change for the better, to allow fulfilment and the reception of the spirits gifts to begin?
Peace and good wishes!
William Wooding

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