~ Returning Gaze ~

The eye is the window to the soul,
Love stares back, not away, passions reciprocate between two and unfolds,
Lovers combine in wonder and spirit, joined in tomorrows play,
Prospering, evolving, making love, they don't fear it,
They draw near to it.

Blowing into each others hearts and minds with fresh flowing passionate winds,
Bodies begin to entwine, mesh, walls fall broken, lips seal the secret whispers with grins,
Mystic muse, joins the two, capturing life force sight, moonlit nights, twinkling's,
Stares reach,
For whom shall return such a stare but one who returns passion?
With transparent sight, spirit, and feelings without ration.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


  1. I love the way you coin words to express your passionate feelings. I love poems too but I seldom write them. I enjoy reading them from people who know the proper words to say. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I appreciate the comments but mostly enjoy making someone's day a little brighter.