What's wrong with facebook?

Have you noticed that little poke button? Why does facebook just have a poke button? Not only that but why can you only select one person at a time to poke? Why can't you select all your friends in one fell swoop and have a poke fest?

Why does facebook just have a poke? Why can't you slap your buddy up side the back of the head for doing something dumb, pinch that cuties butt, or have a button for "I'm crushing your little head" like the Saturday Night Live script? Why install all these applications just to give someone a hug, when there should be a simple hug button? What about a button to slap yourself upside the head , or poke yourself in the eye?

What do they mean by poke? Could it mean more than one kind of poke and you are doing something virtually naughty? Could we or facebook get in trouble for that? I find this all confusing, and not simplified enough into separate poke categories and other buttons that are needed for variety.

Facebook needs to get it right and stop poking around. We all need more buttons to show our love and affection for each other, and a better variety of buttons to spend all day replying to. A new form of human communication, button speak.

Thanks for listening!

William Wooding ©


  1. Namaste my brother. I have very much enjoyed following your thoughts today. The photos were quite nice also. Having never been on facebook I can't comment on this blog per se. However, I definitely agree with your sentiments.
    I would like to invite you to follow my blog so that we may gain from your perspective.

    In Lak' esh, my brother, love is all there is...

  2. You know! I've always thought about that.
    When people Facebook poke me I sometimes worry I was just violated. I want a hug button. Just saying.