~ Quatrain of Spiritual Puzzles ~

Our times collide in destiny, past and present,
One only need to recognise the collision in the signs,
Like the rocks of Stonehenge we are placed and face each other,
Some are aware, some oblivious to the puzzle that makes up the whole,
The whole that makes up the bigger picture, pieces to the quarry,
Each rock has its own strength, each rock makes the picture work,
Paths foretold that cross dimensions, windows to each others future, hearts, souls, and goals.

So look carefully, watch, stare fully at your clues,
Don't dismiss what they tell you and lead you to,
Stones of mystery stand together throughout time,
One approaches who sees,  and can tie them together,
A completed puzzle you will find, gently blowing on the mystic winds of time.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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  1. Beautiful and deep.Love and Light