To learn to move with the spiritual wind as it blows through our lives, becoming one with it and its change, instead of bodily and mindfully directing it with our own will, seems to slow down time throughout our existence.

 ~ William Wooding ~ ©


In your light

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ― Rumi

The Moods of Rumi



Is the tree one, or is the tree made up of separate parts?

Perhaps it depends on how you look at it. Most would say  it is all one plant, but one thing to think deeply about, there would be no individual branches, no individual leaves, no trunk, if the root was not there to feed the rest  of the tree the water, for the upper parts to sprout forth.

The roots and the water are what makes the parts work together as one, in cohesiveness and balance.

The parts do not make the root live, they are not the source. The living root and water is the life source, not the parts. You could chop the tree down and the roots would sprout a new trunk, new branches, and in turn new leaves.

Only through the roots existence and life giving water, do the parts grow in life. Without the root and water, the rest would cease to exist!

Now take nature, science and mathematical forms like the Mandelbrot set and fractals, they form strange complexities, endless connected similar fractals into infinity, perfect. Yet change the equation and  it ceases to exist.

We are but the sum of the parts to the whole, we are not the god source inside like some Gurus preach, but tied to and through to the connection to the god source by the root and water inside and out.

Only through the creator, through the root and the life giving waters living in us feeding the spiritual connections, are we as one. Be careful what you drink!

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~ The Ominous Skies ~

From the great ceiling,
Kinetic sight forms from the floor,
Earth moving through mystery and mastery,
Natures natural beauty transforms,
Seductively transpires,
Opens visual doors.

Shooting across the twinkling expanse,
Surreal in moment and light,
Are we to busy to notice,
What transpires in the night?

Silently it calls to sit quietly,
View the moving wealth it streams,
The greatest show on earth,
Gifted to the eyes and spirit,
Of human beings.

Creations sparkling miracles,
Calls, invites you to become one,
Lay back in the open fields,
Relax and simply watch,
Stars in their celestial playground having fun.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


Bittersweet: Written by Rumi

To see beyond, put away your preconceptions. Listen quietly for the voice calling you on the wind, "in your tingling spirit", that is the one. Reach for it, let your spirit swell.

There is a mystery and miracle inside you, all around you in the invisible ether, and above beyond the veil. It awaits you for healing, to relieve you of all your burdens, to fill your spiritual cup with pure love unimaginable. But you must begin to listen for it, feel it, walk towards it and embrace it in spirit. In that moment of awareness overflowing, when you feel the connection between here and there, the one will awaken you, and you will begin to truly see beyond the self and the veil. Where the one calls you, and waits for you all day and night.

"Before we can rise above and become "as one" with ourselves and each other, we must learn to rise above and become "as one" with the Big Spirit."

~ William Wooding ~ ©



"The universe and nature are made up of precise ratios and patterns all around us." - Teller
And like it so are we, and our connections to everything.

When you learn to see without bodily eyes, become self aware, using all the tools, you will begin to see it for yourselves, from your past experiences and all the seeds planted, to the present, glimpses into the future. You begin to see everything, dreams, ideas, inventions, ties to people and things, works and life paths, miraculously manifest and come to crossroads.

The paths change by what you do, or by what you don't do, by what others do or don't do, decisions, choices, free will, and that alters your "now" and "future". To learn to drift in between with the universe, absorbing and seeing those ratios and patterns in that secret sacred place, as they come, go and evolve, feeling with the senses, seeing with the awakened spirit, the connection is the art.

Some clues.

A description of Jacobs Ladder, people of faiths in today's modern world looking how to find awakening, the connection between heaven and earth, and seeing with awakened spiritual eyes once found!

The frame within the first plate is oval, a shape that has always been associated with that which gives life, symbolically and literally. This life-giving quality is emphasized by the fact that the oval is comprised of two living branches, knotted together.

Each of these branches has many leaves, many thorns, and one rose. The combination of roses with thorns emphasizes the complexity of life, as well as the opposites that must be united in the alchemical work..

In the frame, we see a figure lying on the ground sleeping. On the ladder between heaven and earth are two angels—one descending, the other ascending—who are blowing trumpets by the sleeping figure, spiritually calling him in order to "awaken him"

This ladder, a sign of "spiritual meditation to connect between heaven and earth", connotes Jacob’s dream at Bethel (Gen.28:11-12).

This figure represents a person who is "profoundly unconscious of himself". He is one of the "sleepers," the "blind" or "blindfolded," whom we encounter in the illustrations of certain alchemical treatises. They are the "sleepers" who are still unconscious of themselves, who have not yet integrated their future, more extensive personality, their "wholeness," or, in the language of the mystics, the ones who are not yet "enlightened."

This observation underscores the traditional esoteric meaning of Jacob’s ladder. Before Jacob went to sleep, he did not know the sacrality of the place, but when he awakened, he did. His subsequent naming of the place (formerly Luz) was thus an intentional (i.e., cognizant) act of cosmicization.

Furthermore, again in keeping with the esoteric meaning of Jacob’s ladder, such an awakened one becomes responsible for the function previously exercised by the angels; i.e.," helping others awaken". Now, Jacob is "one who sees from within through his awakened state and awareness of spiritual connection, purpose and connection with the heavens, and communication with spiritual realm beyond the veil"


~ William Wooding ~ ©


Conscious Traveler

Happy New Year!

We are not one, we are not robots and think all alike, we are individuals, in body, spirit and the world.

The universal consciousness is one, the god stream. A place slipped in between time, it's not made up of fairies and magical beings. It's a place where time does not exist, where we receive all gifts, all knowledge, and all answers, and creative powers to use according to it's will, outside of the self and our own will and minds.

The key is in learning to flow in that stream, become aware of it, to receive and be grateful for what you are shown, what you are given, and learning to use it for the greater good on earth in conjunction with others as a whole.

If you have become one of these travelers, perhaps one of the hardest things as you know, is to get this across to others who have not experienced it, who have not been there, think they know it all, and think from the body and self still, flooded with generic new age concepts in their minds. Some generic useful knowledge can come from these, but you must free the mind and find it yourself.

It's not found by your will, or by absorbing generic concepts, but by simply emptying your mind, learning to grow with it like Neo in the video as he awakens to it. Awakening your eyes to the living spirit inside you and outside of you, where you find your unique path, purpose and gifts.

It is like looking for a spec of dust on the wind to the untrained eye who has not differentiated and felt the separation of body and spirit on this plane yet, but if you sit quietly, patiently, begin to feel the vibration inside you and outside you, the calling of it to you, you will begin to see from your blindness, and it will awaken you to that realization, that place where time does not exist, and open the door for you to walk in.

As you grow through the lessons in life, it is like an unconscious struggle between your worldly body and mind, and the spirit. You learn to grow towards it as it guides you, and become less of the self will and knowledge.


~ William Wooding ~ ©