Is the tree one, or is the tree made up of separate parts?

Perhaps it depends on how you look at it. Most would say  it is all one plant, but one thing to think deeply about, there would be no individual branches, no individual leaves, no trunk, if the root was not there to feed the rest  of the tree the water, for the upper parts to sprout forth.

The roots and the water are what makes the parts work together as one, in cohesiveness and balance.

The parts do not make the root live, they are not the source. The living root and water is the life source, not the parts. You could chop the tree down and the roots would sprout a new trunk, new branches, and in turn new leaves.

Only through the roots existence and life giving water, do the parts grow in life. Without the root and water, the rest would cease to exist!

Now take nature, science and mathematical forms like the Mandelbrot set and fractals, they form strange complexities, endless connected similar fractals into infinity, perfect. Yet change the equation and  it ceases to exist.

We are but the sum of the parts to the whole, we are not the god source inside like some Gurus preach, but tied to and through to the connection to the god source by the root and water inside and out.

Only through the creator, through the root and the life giving waters living in us feeding the spiritual connections, are we as one. Be careful what you drink!

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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