Bittersweet: Written by Rumi

To see beyond, put away your preconceptions. Listen quietly for the voice calling you on the wind, "in your tingling spirit", that is the one. Reach for it, let your spirit swell.

There is a mystery and miracle inside you, all around you in the invisible ether, and above beyond the veil. It awaits you for healing, to relieve you of all your burdens, to fill your spiritual cup with pure love unimaginable. But you must begin to listen for it, feel it, walk towards it and embrace it in spirit. In that moment of awareness overflowing, when you feel the connection between here and there, the one will awaken you, and you will begin to truly see beyond the self and the veil. Where the one calls you, and waits for you all day and night.

"Before we can rise above and become "as one" with ourselves and each other, we must learn to rise above and become "as one" with the Big Spirit."

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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  1. Wow, I love Rumi, but this video and the poetry together are sublime. Great to have your connection.

    Many blessings,