Conscious Traveler

Happy New Year!

We are not one, we are not robots and think all alike, we are individuals, in body, spirit and the world.

The universal consciousness is one, the god stream. A place slipped in between time, it's not made up of fairies and magical beings. It's a place where time does not exist, where we receive all gifts, all knowledge, and all answers, and creative powers to use according to it's will, outside of the self and our own will and minds.

The key is in learning to flow in that stream, become aware of it, to receive and be grateful for what you are shown, what you are given, and learning to use it for the greater good on earth in conjunction with others as a whole.

If you have become one of these travelers, perhaps one of the hardest things as you know, is to get this across to others who have not experienced it, who have not been there, think they know it all, and think from the body and self still, flooded with generic new age concepts in their minds. Some generic useful knowledge can come from these, but you must free the mind and find it yourself.

It's not found by your will, or by absorbing generic concepts, but by simply emptying your mind, learning to grow with it like Neo in the video as he awakens to it. Awakening your eyes to the living spirit inside you and outside of you, where you find your unique path, purpose and gifts.

It is like looking for a spec of dust on the wind to the untrained eye who has not differentiated and felt the separation of body and spirit on this plane yet, but if you sit quietly, patiently, begin to feel the vibration inside you and outside you, the calling of it to you, you will begin to see from your blindness, and it will awaken you to that realization, that place where time does not exist, and open the door for you to walk in.

As you grow through the lessons in life, it is like an unconscious struggle between your worldly body and mind, and the spirit. You learn to grow towards it as it guides you, and become less of the self will and knowledge.


~ William Wooding ~ ©

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