Poetry, Blended Art, The senses

Continued series of combined poetic art:

Combining Poetry into other art forms involving all the senses, or many of them, is rarely done, except when turned to lyrics in songs and sung out loud, not necessarily pure poetry, but singing or rapping a  poem or rhyme, another form of blended art. The concept of combining other art forms with poetry, to reach an audiences senses, reaching their attention and emotions through the senses, and having it touch them, is an advanced art form, and difficult to combine without singing it. As an example I made a video about Tantra love, a connection to its spiritual energy, and its human course. Raw spiritual creativity through combined art, and involvement of the senses.

In this concept I have used the art of Tantra, Mood Music, Imagry, Sound, Media Film, and Poetry, to affect the senses.

Do you find combining the arts with poetry more absorbing and advanced, when involving the senses?

~ William Wooding ~ ©


  1. Very emotional I love running in th!e snow!

  2. It's always great to loose inhibitions and go with it. ;)