Poetic Art

This is a journey into poetic art.

You will find that the source of all the worlds greatest masterpieces ever made come from within, using your emotions and passion and how they are expressed, this includes all the arts.

The most famous artists of all kinds, whether they be movie stars, musicians, poets, painters, sculptures, etc. maximized their experiences, passions, and emotions from within, and learned how to express them outwardly to create some of the worlds greatest works of art.

As a side benefit, this can also be used to heal yourself emotionally, whether you have been through a death of a friend, or in the family, a lost love, scarred by war, etc.

By internalizing emotional pain instead of numbing it out to the back of your mind, you can then expel it out through your art and create amazing things, and sooth your emotions at the same time. This is the negative aspect turned into expression and healing.The key to turn suffering into joy is to give it a purpose.

The positive expression is the passions and emotions most enjoyable in life, love, children, family, nature, humor, etc. These experiences can also be used in the same way to create great works. The positive aspect.

It does all seem to come down to life's experiences though, passion for what you do, your emotions, and that which makes you up as an individual, your soul, and your deepest thoughts. It becomes a journey into yourself and world, expressed outwardly into the world to be shared with others.

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