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Look in your mind,
For a change in time,
When things are better,
And you feel light as a feather,
Things can change,
If you give them time,
Let your hopes rise,
And stress unwind,
Things go on we cannot see,
To help make an eternity,
Hard at first,
For we thirst,
We fear the worst,
But there is nothing to fear.

Look ahead to what could be,
It will bring that eternity,
Faith in it is what you need,
Struggle now for what you want to be,
Deep inside must buy your time,
Until what seems impossible,
Becomes possible,
With a change of heart and mind,
Patience you will find,
Opens eyes that were blind. ©

1 comment:

  1. This is really cool, Bill. Congratulations!

    David (aka) Redline

    PS: If you knew portuguese, I´d like to show some mines to you. I´ll try translate some... ;)