You are a work of Art

Yes that's right, each individual person in this world is a work of art, you have your own special qualities, uniqueness and character. You each have your own mind, thoughts and your own way of thinking. Everyone is capable of showing their qualities to the outer world if they set their mind to it with directed determination.

We all have to find our place in this world, and it happens through interactions with each other. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle, one person or group of people will complement others qualities or unique abilities, this makes new doors open, new paths open, new business ventures open up, etc.

Ultimately we need each other's unique qualities to make life and collective society work as a well-oiled machine. The machine starts to break down when society breaks down due to classes that over power one or the other. There needs to be balance of some kind to keep the machine running, to keep society from becoming stagnant, the concentration on how to get it moving again sometimes needs to be directed at the class that is getting the least.

When this class is helped out, it will generate more wealth because they are now happier and stable, with jobs and money to spend, that in turn creates more wealth for the higher classes, then the machine we call society can start to move again. The question is, how to find a place for this class?

Well they have their own talents, small and large business can drive these talents, perhaps its time for governments and large businesses of the world to invest in this, to dramatically ease the current small business owners tax burdens, and to help the less privileged open new ones. Sometimes the smallest cog in the wheel is all that needs to be greased to get the machine moving again!

Then the less fortunate individuals in the world can join in the collective and show their unique talents to better society as a whole.

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