~ Light ~

Touching his consciousness on the sun,
Out here he can out run the universal one,
He sets the pace for faster travel,
Outer space is where light unravels.
Passing planets with yellow hues,
Oranges, reds, and some blues,
Through the stardust the time traveler flies,
Solar systems shining in his eyes.

Streaking faster than comets can go,
In the dark wilderness light will glow,
Filling the void with twinkling stars,
Lighting worlds like Mercury and Mars,
Passing galaxies with its smiling gaze,
Through the nebula lighting its gassious haze,
Around astroid fields the likes that have never been seen,
Avoiding black holes that feed on his being.

If we could all only be like light,
Everything would be alright,
All the dark corners of our lives would fill,
Replaced with brightness that transforms our will,
Pure energy to do what's right,
Fix earthly problems and end our fights,
Carry us all on to a higher cause,
For a moment we should stop and pause,
Think what brightness would bring to our world,
A smile to every boy and girl,
Every creature and everything green,
Light can bring us all new meaning. ©

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