Poetic Art, Lyrics, and Music

We all love music, but do we really recognize the poetic lyrics merging with the music that has an effect on us? Two art forms in one set to rhythm words and sound.

We all had those days of hearing a great song that we all loved, with meaningful words set to it and just had to sing along, but how does it affect you? Depends on the song right? Poetry and lyrics are one and same, the lyrics set to the music requires precise editing of the poem to implement it properly into the song. The poem is then broken down and merged into the music to work for the singer and match the music's rhythm and or intention at key spots to bring about the completed song, and its emotional intent.

When a song is put together well, the lyrics will help reinforce and project the mood and backbone of the song, and project that mood onto the listener. This is another example of blended art, targeting a mood and the emotions of an audience. Depending on the song and how well it was written, it can bring about a multitude of different emotions that can make you want to dance with glee, to joy, sadness, peacefulness, etc. The two arts simply work well together to the desired emotional intent, to make us feel what the artist wants us to feel.

Now if we could only get governments to work together well, imagine what we could accomplish. ;-)

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