~ Passion Song ~

The passion within grows in the night,
heavy breath on sensual touch,
is the force that creates its blush.

Onward it engages thrust,
A love entanglement that it must,
Behave with restraint to build the passion,
Colors, lightning, explode in fashion,
Onward it moves for its soul desire,
To make it's partner fill with fire,
Increasing it's pace with rhythmic song,
It wavers not to whom it belongs,
Pushing, pumping its rhythm increases,
With engorgement filling the creases,
As the tempo grows, and the entanglement thrashes,
The fire it desires fills with flashes,
Sweat, friction, legs flay,
Moaning sounds in disarray.

Slow and fast the rhythm continues,
Heat and passion has no venues,
The song it produces as the passion explodes,
The end of its tempo has found its goal,
Passion song has filled its soul. ©

1 comment:

  1. brilliantly sexual without crudity
    love it