Art, Earth, and the Color of Beauty

The earth is a natural landscape full of rich colors and beauty. Perhaps this is why so many come to its aid to defend it against human intrusion.

The natural environment you live in is a thing to be cherished loved and observed for what it is. It has been the very source of poems, paintings, photographs, etc. across the centuries that portray its wonderment, vibrant colors, and dynamic environment.

Artists of all kinds are simply in love with what it has to offer, it is the life force that feeds the soul and offers a getaway from their everyday lives and tedious routines. Without it they would feel sterile inside with no wonderment to be yet discovered or uncovered. People must learn to coincide with the earth and preserve its nature for the future, and for their children. Some type of balance must be found so they can co exist, or they will wind up destroying the earth and themselves.

How often these days do you look beyond your house home and daily routines to notice nature and the colors and beauty it offers you on a daily basis? Do you tend to get stuck dwelling on your life routines and fade out anything else in the background that ultimately may give you much more pleasure and relaxation to your inner being? Take a timeout from your day and look around at what is not artificial for a few minutes, and meditate on the beauty and colors that nature and the earth is showing you without reserve.

Sit by the water, go for a walk in the woods, the mountains, wherever you can escape life's dramas for a while, be quiet and observe. You will find a tranquility and peacefulness come over you. You will then begin to appreciate and love more what earth and nature has to offer in your life, other than a stale existence within it.

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