Art, Love and Sex

 Many poets and artists have feelings for deep passion and desire inside them, it can be manifested into their art and their relationships under the right circumstances. Artists over the centuries have created many erotic artistic pieces, and have many stories of love and relationships behind them.

 Most artists have usually always been a heavy romantic, with the desire to manifest and give to their art and love relationships what they feel deeply inside them. It can depend on the right partner though sometimes, and how they will fully extract this little jewel out of the artist to get them fired up. Call it artistic foreplay, he-he.

 But once it starts rolling, heavy passion can manifest itself out of the artist's nature and make for some wild times in art and love. The artist seems to be attracted to positive emotions, and to enjoy the pairing of love and sex more than just sex, but not always. Sex is some what unemotional, love and sex goes hand in hand for some artistic minds, it's the overall emotional sensual expieriences that help drive there inner desires, soul, and emotions that eventually comes out in their art forms to create beautiful things.

~ Passion Song ~

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