~ Today is what Counts ~

When you make an old door into a new door,
Memories lost don't matter anymore,
Today is a day to make them new,
Start by giving what you can to the few,
Making others happy with self sacrifice,
Brings happiness that should not think twice,
Onward into a new dimension,
Today is the day to make a positive action,
The future holds what we can not see,
Do what you can today to make the old into a new memory,
Today is the day that your actions count,
To make a difference instead of doubt,
Today changes the past and present they mean nothing anymore,
Today is the day to open that door,
It changes your future for ever more,
But choose wisely for the choice is the fall,
That will cause you to hamper it all,
And once you choose a positive way,
Things can get on to a brighter day.©

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