The Advertising Industry and Poetic Art

There are many uses for poetic literature and other arts in the advertising market.

Many companies don't realize the full impact poetic literature and other arts can have towards large companies, that are reliant on good advertisement towards the public to attract attention and sell their goods. Many ads are bland and unemotional, this is a mistake. However, many companies do use emotion and senses to their advantage and provide affective ads.

A poet has a real sense of emotions used in his poetry and incorporates them to tell the story to affect the public and touch their emotions to the best of his ability. A good poem will usually touch the public in a way that appeals to their six senses and emotions in one way or another through words.

Other art such as pictures, movie footage, actors, music, can also be used in coordination to enhance this. A combination is most effective such as multimedia, but it must be coordinated and put together well. If you think hard about this, you can see the potential to reach more customers by entertaining and appealing to their emotions and senses. Think Fung Shui for your ads!

Which ad makes you FEEL! more like taking a trip to Hawaii?

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