~ Wild Turk ~

Drunken man with no place to go,
walked through a field and tripped over a hoe,
got back up and said why me,
as he opened his fly and took a pee,
wiped the dirt off his shirt,
as he took a shot of Wild Turk,
off he stumbled for another try,
to get across the field to his house near bye.

He came to a scarecrow whose limbs tangled his hair,
his temper began to flare,
he thought he was under attack,
he began to fight the scarecrow back,
when he was done beating it to stuffing,
he realized it was nothing.

He yelled at the scarecrow don't do that,
as he fell onto his back,
he drank another shot of Wild Turk,
took out a smoke and lit his shirt,
he jumped up and danced around,
fell into a ditch and rolled on the ground,
he yelled out again why me,
unzipped his fly and took another pee.

Off he stumbled to the front door,
opened it up and wobbled across the floor,
crawled up the stairs,
as he pushed back his hair,
to the bedroom was his only care,
fell into bed and closed his eyes,
when a light came on to his surprise.

He heard a voice say John this really isn't fair,
for the last time put down the Wild Turk and get out,
your house is over there. ©

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