~ Life Force ~

The spirit of the earth,
Been there since all our births,
Energy from all things,
Tapped into,
Shows things unseen,
Pure emotions,
Transformed to realities oceans,
Oceans of energy available as gifts,
Used properly can heal all rifts,
Energy to transform the earth itself,
Calming winds, disasters, calamities,
With a energy force and what is felt.

Its energy consists of what we feel,
Changing it with what we deal,
Affecting all with positive force,
We have the power to change its course,
The power lies deep inside,
Takes time to find it,
Removing your blinds.

We are all connected to this natural place,
All the energies,
Even from outer space,
Learning to become in tune,
Can transform who you are,
And what the planet will do,
The reactions from all our life forces,
Affects the heart beat of the planet so blue. ©

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  1. very true word, we all are connected and it is just that our souls change bodies.