~ The Dream Weaver ~

Children of tomorrow's dreams freeing their pains their inner beings,
Open their minds to find their way talents to better days and healthy living,
Releasing anger from wrongs of past healing helping that will teach,
Replacing helplessness with love and light with a bright spirit that will reach,
Their future lies in a better way to renew their will and mind set on goals,
Paths to enlighten their plans to keep them busy and constantly unfold,
Children of tomorrow need direction and patience to help them roll,
Into men and women of tomorrow's dreams with means to create the future,
So follow the dream and give them the means that they so deserve without reserve to mature,
Enlightenment to their paths lay behind the aftermath of wrongs that pricked tortured minds,
Refilling them with goals and light that refreshes their might and desires to find their time,
In their life paths set off course but with tools to move forward to what they were meant for back to their path,
The importance to see their lights shine healing their souls moving forward to tomorrow's goals leaving behind the wrath to futures that belong to them they must have freeing their minds. ©

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  1. So pious thoughts and we all need to guide and help children to make this world a better place to live.