Catch The Wind

Self doubt, lifes problems, bad days, are all things everybody has to deal with throughout our lives. But how to pull ourselves up from these dramas and dilemmas where we don't want to be.

Sometimes when we go through life problems, we dwell on the negatives for far too long. Think of yourselves as a boat in rough waters, and instead of dwelling to long on your circumstances, which will only bring you down more, start looking for new winds to help you sail out of the rough waters.

Concentrate on finding these winds, and the problems will seem to drift away with the gray clouds, as you discover calmer waters you did not see before. An open mind, searching, exploring, effectively using intuition, and learning new things, will relieve your mind and life's troubles. As a byproduct, opportunity and solutions will come about, so "be aware" and looking for it when you are on your quest.

You are the captain, so put your sails up and start looking for that place you want to be, or let the wind guide you to where you never thought you should go. The journey is a lifelong adventure to new undiscovered oceans, let go and enjoy the ride.

If you feel yourself slipping remember this, the storms in your life will seem smaller and smaller, once you know how to sail your ship to calmer seas, giving you better peace of mind, and a positive outlook. The fun, opportunity, and peace of mind this creates during the journey will be your reward and raise your spirits, so catch the wind!

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