Teaching through the senses

Learning about new things might be taught best through the senses.

As a child we all sat through some boring classes, listening as teachers talk away describing and conveying what they were trying to pound into our heads. Sometimes we got to see a movie or two, play with some art or shop tools, depending on the class.

I propose a new way of teaching, a formula of using the senses, to allow the student to interact physically, sensually, as well as mental stimulation. Many children in preschool do this to an extent now, they play with blocks shapes and all kinds of toys, but why does that slowly diminish through the grades, except for a few classes like the arts?

Now I am not suggesting giving toys to older children, but I am suggesting making teaching more an overall sensual experience, to allow children to learn more with aids of this nature, in all ways conceivable. I believe learning is best achieved in this manner for many children. Some are fine with out, but a large amount of individuals learn through visual aids, movies, models things they can interact with. It embeds the memory of what they learn deeper. This may result in a larger amount of graduates, and a lessening of drop outs.

Along with children, this may work well with adults as well. We absorb everything through the senses, so why do we teach with little of this involved in it?

Time for a re think?

Perhaps one day, a method will be implemented and enhanced to take this course, and change the direction in teaching to a new level, and possibly bring about higher learning through the senses and the human psyche.

On a side note, not only is this good for teaching and education, but for you romantics out there trying to revive something or start something up that may have grown a little stale, it's all about the sensual experience.

To many people block out their emotions and senses, instead of just letting them flow, afraid from past heart aches, they diminish further chances. Putting walls in place and emotional blocks quite frankly just kills it after a while, and the very thing they want to fully experience. Think about it, try letting it all go and let it wash over you completely, instead of fearing it and blocking it out. A much better experience will fill you up, instead of leaving you half empty and hearted.

If you go into a relationship blocking the other person from getting close to you all the time because of your own fears, how do you think your relations will turn out? This will only give the other person a bad vibe and aura of mistrust, dishonesty, and the feeling of lack of intimacy coming from you. If you want it to work, you need to get real.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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