~ Rest In Time ~

Along planked paths old and worn,
From hence we came,
We are reborn into mornings march,
Transformed into effervescent ways,
Ignoring the strange disruptions,
Embraced by spatial spiritual spiral rays,
Path worn by know one but me,
Into my place and seat I will reap,
Where mystery meets with nights black ink,
Energy flows from aurora sunsets,
Across my face embraced faceted light,
Absorbed by what is in the moment,
Healing those in birds erratic flight,
Beyond realities winglessness,
To realities expansive knowledge,
Putting them on a path that is theirs,
My spirit and light guides them home,
Sending them scenes of serenity,
Releasing painful memories,
Remembering good memories,
Finding peace within all things,
As nature demands respect,
Balance in human beings.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


  1. Great use of allegory, top stuff.

    And Welcome to Poets United.