Life's Road Map

We are all connected in some way.

We are led down spiritual paths, that guide us to incidences and those we meet, a place in time. Strangely and coincidentally sometimes, we are brought to the very crossroad in our journey to where we need to be.

It is hard for many to recognise this time, without learning to become consciously aware of it. It's imperative to  pay attention to your paths and question why you were guided here. Without learning to recognise these events in time, you may miss your opportunities, your change you've been seeking, that special someone you've been looking for, job you've been seeking, or other opportunity that could enhance your life.

Life is a road map full of arrow signs and distractions. If you learn to capture and recognise them, quietly contemplate and meditate on these events, you can begin to see the very change you seek, how or why it may fit in to your life, and the gift that was brought to you personally from the spiritual,  the universe, and heavens guides.

Learn to take hold of it instead of wondering. It happened for a reason, now explore that reason. Take the adventure while it is in front of you, before it's gone.


~ William Wooding ~ ©


  1. Oh if only we could recognise those opportunities when they arrive and not with hindsight.

  2. I like this post as I am at a cross roads in my life with my career. Every once in a while we need to slow down to take notice of the events that got us to where we are today. Not enough of us listen to that little voice in our head called intuition.
    Thanks for coming to my site. I'll be sure to keep coming back to yours. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on my posts as well!
    Good Stuff
    J.S. Lambert

  3. I have enjoyed reading many of your pieces. Your blog has a mysterious aura and what you have said in this space is thought-provoking and emotionally charged.
    Best of luck in the blogosphere.