~ The Traveler ~

Traveling twisting mind streams.
Grounded to earth that conforms to flow freely,
Gently follows carved curved paths,
Nothing can block its destinations track,
Tandem in movement supportive round ripples,
Rocks on which it rests and slides in tides,
Glides, eddies, and tumbles,
Calm in cool pools.

No strains against nor entrenched,
Conforms yet grows in light wide water windows,
Changes through time as it bends, it tends,
Cleans spiritual souls that mystic sparkling sight lends,
Turbulent, transforms with mounting energies,
Eternal shifts from small cliffs and life reflections,
Boundless directions share theirs,
Open to the currents creativity,
Positive energy flows and travels there,
Becoming aware, joined with passionate raptures.

~ William Wooding ~ ©

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