Twin Flames and your Soul Mate

About the poem Soul Search and others on this site:

 The poem Soul Search was derived from the philosophy of the twin flames, and combined with the soulmate. After much thinking about the twin flames philosophy, and the soulmate, my theory is that these are separate, but also one.

 The twin flames are two souls going through life individually, or lives if such a thing exists. They are meant for each other, but are learning about themselves and who they are separately from each other, yet still connected through time on a spiritual level whether together in some fashion or not, they sense each other through soul. As time goes on and they have developed enough in their individuality and spirituality, to where they can accept each other unconditionally for whom each other is as a person. When they come together, whether from a previous relationship with each other or past life experience with previous connections to each other, after learning spiritually about themselves and their connection to each other through self spiritual learning, they can then merge into the soulmates.

 It is a journey in time for the other half that completes you, the twins is the search, journey and self learning faze. The soulmate is the merging of the twins into one, yet they are mature enough to recognize their separate identities, and still love each other unconditionally and merge as one. This releases control of each other, but allows each other's souls to blend into one unconditionally, to bring your relationships to a higher level with better understanding and acceptance of each other, and freedom of each other's personalities and individuality, that ultimately brings a bond like none other. It is about retaining your individuality, yet merging closer together with acceptance of another soul and mind.

 This will not stop disagreements with your mates or relations, but it will allow you to not tear the bond if you can accept that they are an individual and have their own way of thinking, and simply accept that with understanding, and move past your barriers with bond intact. The key is balancing self individuality with togetherness and intimacy, with allowing for teaching, growing and learning from each other, but not allowing conflict to destroy the special bond even if not resolved, you have to work at being close yet keep your individuality. One or the other will learn eventually, but remember in their own way and time, give patience and understanding until they learn without conditions.

 You are both teachers and students through a twin flames/soulmate relationship, allow it to flow naturally, do not control it, accept kind learning and teaching from each other, this gives you harmony and understanding in your relationship throughout your life to make the special bond without stifling each other.

 If you read through my poetry and truly think about the messages they give, you will find many poems about love and life I have written, are intertwined with this philosophy, and hold a clue that point to this path of self discovery, release and finding a higher path of togetherness with yourself, and another. It's about learning unconditional love for your twin, your partner, your soulmate, and yourself.

Hope this enlightens some of you about your relations to each other, and yourselves!
"... and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment..."

~ Plato ~

Source: Twinflames

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