Haiti Disaster: The human Spirit of Helping and Healing

 Many people have written, talked about, and searched for the meaning of the spirit externally and scientifically, but have they really searched internally, determinedly, with an unabiding faith to seek it in their own consciousness, to find this meaning in themselves, others, and the world. Are we all intertwined somehow in a grand design, do our actions and emotions not affect each other, and the way we consciously and unconsciously perceive others and ourselves?

 If we look at an apple without questioning its deeper life force, other than through just scientific means, can we truly say that it is just an apple, a piece of fruit or vegetation? Or does it have unseen spiritual consciousness in it, that science cannot define through known experimentation. Is introspection not a form of spiritual thinking and thus consciously coming to this theory about the apple? Where did your thought come from, just a mass of cells called a brain? Did your emotions drive you to this thought and play a role, if so where did they come from other than just your brain? Did your mind get a clue as to what you needed to know come from yourself, or something else internally and externally greater than you?

 If you envision a tree with lots of creatures living in it and you cut it down, how does that affect the overall life force? To remove it from the world. Would you explain it as I simply chopped the tree down, or would you say you destroyed multiple intertwined life forces by killing one life force? Are then we not as human beings intertwined on a large scale somehow, and a small change in that life force can dramatically change another's views, perspectives, and life itself for everyone in some way?

 Take for instance the Haiti disaster, how has this affected you? Either you care or you do not, you want to help or you couldn't care less. It is an important time in our generation to realize we all rely on each other in this world, we all have an effect on our environment and other people in what we do and our actions. It affects others emotionally, physically, mentally, and the life force as a whole that can eventually affect "you" in the long run, even if you don't care.

 What if we took the mind set of not caring about others, and eventually we had our own major catastrophe, would others from outside our nation or around the world care and leave us to fend for ourselves, or would they realize that the world as a whole needs to help each other in times of trouble and turbulence and come to our aide? You see the bigger picture here and how all of us are really in this boat together at one time or another, and can affect any nation or group, or even individuals whose outcome depends on others and what they do. How would you explain this scientifically, the chosen actions and its result, where did this come from,  just our thought and emotions towards the dilemma, or a higher cause spiritually pulling us closer to an unknown understanding to take action on behalf of others?

 The questions continue, where does this all lead us, are we all connected somehow through spirit and consciousness on an unrealized level that affects all by what we do.

 Some of us would like to help Haiti but we can barely help ourselves, some of us are capable of helping in a small way, and some of us are capable of helping in a large way. Think on this for a moment and imagine, if we all did whatever we could as a whole in a massive effort for a disaster like Haiti, instead of a gigantic uncoordinated hodgepodge of aid flung from all directions, trickling down while a desperate people's life force bleeds away. Is this really the way we should go about doing this?

 So I am writing about this to help those the best I can with what I have, my words, and to help those like them in the future. What can we do to make this work better and faster now and the next time this happens, and there will be a next time some place in the world in the future. I suggest everyone starts to think about a central rescue agency, composed of all the countries aid, organizations, nonprofit groups, and small businesses related to the work, and organized properly for efficient instant action.

 I know people involved in small disaster clean up, they are small businessmen who are hired by the government to go into places like the Katrina disaster for instance, and clean up the rubble with heavy equipment. In a disaster like Haiti and others, it is obvious this is one of "the most important things" to get there first in massive amounts, why? The condition in Haiti was so bad, the aide could not get off the docks fast enough, the streets are blocked with rubble, and so the aide could not get to where it needed to be, this is not the way to go about this, get the aide there and then start figuring out how to get it to the people days to weeks later. If massive earth moving equipment was organised ahead of time and transported immediately, without red tape bogging it all up, the streets could be plowed so rescue workers and aid can begin to move right behind them. This is efficiency, this would be more of a help in future disasters like this.

 I hope the world learns a lesson from this and designs a better system for human disasters in the future, or we could see more massive human suffering because of inefficient planning and system breakdowns due to not being organized properly.

 Let's get on the ball and at least make the aide work for what it was designed for, instead of an unorganized slow attempt to help, it is a detriment to us all as human beings in the end, when the cost of the disaster in lives lost was due to inefficiency. Why wait for something to happen in the world before we get organized, when we know it will happen again, it's only a matter of time.

 I feel for the people of Haiti and those like them to come in the future, the question is do you? What can we do to get more organized and make a better way the next time this happens?

 Thanks to all those who are helping in some way small or large, you are truly blessed by what you are doing, and make a difference in the life force as a whole.

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