~ Soul Search ~

Opportunity knocks on winged shoes,
Time to get up and make your moves,
Put a rest to stagnant dreams,
Mind set matters to make your means,
Strive for a balanced life,
Disappointment is a thing in the night.

Find worthiness in yourself,
Cooperate with those that help,
Desires well up for a new start,
With one who wants to play the part,
Search for your partner in crime,
Your soulmate is the one,
Who will value your heart, body, soul, and mind,
Together you can build a light,
Put things behind that cause you strife,
Onward to find your partner, soul, and life.

Play time is over the world beckons you,
Be open to those that make you feel new,
Life's journey is an adventure through time,
Step forward to make it yours and mine.

For what is a soulmate, but one who shares time,
Can independently be themselves,
But can also share together theirs with mine,
Blend the two with perfect form,
You have two souls becoming one that can never be torn,
Timeless together heart, body, soul, and mind,
And independently together is a priceless soul mate to find.

You see? both are Separately two of a kind,
But your souls energies blend when you come together,
Heart, body, soul, and mind. ©


  1. Very nice poem dear for loving couple. Are you a poet.

  2. Yes, and it could be consider about a couple, but was mainly about your search through life, finding and joining to your other half.

  3. Great poem. I love how you express yourself and share it to others.