Spiritual Awakenings

Many are stuck from advancing their spiritual growth, because they are blinded by an earthly spiritual veil and mans limited self belief systems, surrendering to and relying only on what they heard or read, yet do not participate or try hard enough in attempting to go beyond it. Either because they subconsciously feel that they are not worthy and are afraid, or that it is not possible. Believing that it only happened to a few chosen people in stories in ancient times, and that it doesn't happen in these times to anyone.

Attempt to spend enough quiet time seeking to find, look deeply inside yourself to go beyond the veil and faith alone, feel the spirit, get acquainted with it. Allow the good spirit to fully fill you up when it comes, don't fight it down or be afraid. Allow it to overflow like a river washing over its banks. Don't miss out on your personal awakening, and advanced spiritual growth and understanding. The reward is beyond comprehension.


~ William Wooding ~ ©

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