~ Man On The Moon ~

Round ripples surround her form awash in a crystal calm pool,
Moon of many nights lights the shadow of her soul to serenity,
Absorbing the energy, up through her slender hips and long dark scented hair,
In her wet stillness she stares, dares, dreaming of a far off love affair,
She feels the swell ebb and flow like the tide twirling in a whirlpool of passion,
Long nights enthralled in a mystical enchanted vision.

Slowly it grows inside her soul filling her cup of fantasy,
Projecting dreams across still waters she waits for the crossing,
Traveling with her mood in a time and realm of a magical wading pool,
She is the captain of her ship at sea drifting in rhythmic waves,
Steering to winds that touch her helm setting her free,
She searches the stars waiting from afar,
For an imaginary man on the moon.

~ William Wooding ~ ©


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