Trying to catch a feather.

Have you ever watched one of those small white feathers float along in the wind, then tried to reach out and quickly grab at it or snatch at it, trying to make it yours? It doesn't work very well does it?

It tends to push right out of your grasp from the air pressure your hand creates, the instant your hand tries to surround it. Try this instead next time, reach out slowly as the feather floats in the wind, gently cup your hand under it,  following it along in a patient nurturing kind of way. Now slowly bring your hand up to it, until the wind naturally drops it in your hand where the the two meet. Did that work better?

In your life, what is it that is like the feather, the wind, and the way you are reaching for it that isn't working so well for you? Have you tried the other approach?


~ William Wooding ~ ©

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  1. So, true, that you cannot always grab what you want. Often you must be open and accept what may fall your way